Eleonora Giorgi shocks to Sunday Live: the slave of the heroine in 25 years

Published on Feb 26, 2017

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In today's episode, February 26, to Sunday Live we have seen a good interview of Barbara D Urso Eleonora Giorgi. The actress has retraced the most difficult moments of his life, letting himself go to confessions that are really important. From the beginning until the addiction of the drug, Eleonora Giorgi also tells about his loves and the relationship with their children.

It is not easy for a young girl to withstand the impact of reputation. Already in the early Seventies, Eleonora Giorgi, was to become a renowned interpreter of some of the films related to the strand of the Italian sexy comedy. The success comes thanks to the film of the 1973 “Story of a cloistered nun“, followed the next year by “The passionate“. Just twenty years old, already known, is affected by a bereavement. In 1974, lends the bike to a colleague, Alessandro Momo, that just riding the bike will have a fatal accident. The sense of guilt, and the increasing pressure arising from the success of the cinema, lead to the use of heroin. In the living room of Barbara D'urso says: “Then the drug had a very big problem, today the guys are more aware. The drug then reigned, even among the guys on the set. The thing that I did try it, after it is rejected in all ways, was the fact that it had become a habit.“

The private life of Eleonora Giorgi is particularly rich. In 1979 bride the publisher Angelo Rizzoli, with whom he was in 1984. It is with Rizzoli, that the Giorgi manages to overcome his problems with drugs. Their story also ends because of the scandal P2, in which the publisher was involved. In the case of divorce, the Court will award half of the proceeds from the sale of the shares of the husband, about 5 billion lire. From the marriage with Angelo Rizzoli, lasted 5 years, the birth of a son, Andrew. After the end of the first marriage, interweaves a long relationship with Massimo Ciavarro, which will last 11 years. By their love and the birth of the son, Paul.

In the course of his chat with Barbara D'urso, Eleonora Giorgi also tells the experience of his son Andrea. His marriage with Alice Bellagamba is shipwrecked after a few months. Despite the pain of the son, and Eleonora Giorgi does not seem to try hard feelings for the ex-daughter-in-law. Probably, though in love of the son, was not yet ready for such a step. These are the words of the actress: “Andrea has suffered greatly, he was mature, he was ready, and I regret that we have not remained together.“

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