Eleonora Giorgi's private life: everything about the new competitor on Dancing with the stars 2018


Published on Mar 10, 2018


Part of the cast of the thirteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars, we will find, among others, Eleonora Giorgi. To announce the same Milly Carlucci, the presenter of the famous talent show, in the course of an episode One Morning. Eleonora Giorgi has decided to get in the game and falls on the track at the talent on the Saturday evening on Rai 1, a good opportunity to show of their determination to sell. But as we know, Eleanor? The actress does not hide behind a finger, and in these years on several occasions spoke highly of his private life, he has even written a book where he tells some of the moments of his life, during which he also touched upon the fund. The addictions to alcohol and drugs, the mistakes of...A life full of many many things that Eleanor, who today still want to prove that you still have to give and say. For this join Dancing with the stars 2018. Let's discover something more about the private life of the new contestant on Dancing with the stars 2018.

HOW MUCH DOES ELEONORA GIORGI? Eleonora Giorgi (born October 21, 1953 in Rome by the mother of Hungarian descent and an Italian father (and sister of Lambert, the sports journalist), he has collected, as is well known, a series of great successes. You should not say the age of a woman, but saw that the Giorgi if the door is fine, we can reiterate that the actress was 65 years of age.

Today Eleonora in fact, can boast a dense career on television and in cinema in the role of not only actress, but also as screenwriter, director and producer. But to reach the top, the future competitor of the entertainment program in prime time on Rai Uno, he had to do a bit of hard work. It is only after some experience as an extra in the productions of the early Seventies, in fact, that Giorgi is launched as the lead actress in the film Story of a cloistered nun, directed by Domenico Paolella. His real debut in the world of cinema, following his participation in several productions, mostly belonging to the genre of the erotic or “sexy comedy Italian style”.

The big occasion, and the first substantial awards, arriving in 1979, when Eleanor takes part in the film, from title, to Forget Venice directed by Franco Brusati, best movie of the year with a David di Donatello award and a candidate for the Oscar in the category of best foreign film. And only three years after the Giorgi the same to take home an award at the David di Donatello as best actress for her role in the film talcum powder, in which she appears alongside Carlo Verdone.
In the Nineties and two thousand and two, is mostly dedicated to projects for the small screen, till their debut later on as a director and as a theatre actress.

But as perhaps many know, the artistic career of Eleonora Giorgi is not the only aspect of his life to be from decades in the spotlight.
The charming Eleonora, in fact, is known to the public, and to the troubled events of his private life and sentimental, first of all, his two marriages, the first with the publisher Angelo Rizzoli, and then with the actor Massimo Ciavarro, from each of whom he had a son. Recently, it was his relationship with the first husband, and the events connected to it that have aroused a bit of controversy. The actress has in fact released to The Confession of Peter Gomez, a program broadcast on Channel 9 in the late evening, important statements.
He spoke of the period in which the name of Angelo Rizzoli had appeared on the lists of the Lodge Propaganda-Two, and of the experience in the prison of the husband's bankruptcy.

Of course, similar events have come to affect not only the personal life, but also a professional actress, which, however, also reveals how his encounter with the first husband has made a clear positive contribution in its existence. The Giorgi has revealed that her relationship with Rizzoli, has been able to restore hope in a time of somewhat troubled of his youth. Eleonora, in fact, was over in a matter of a short time in the vortex of drugs, first read and then heavy, also due to an event of his past to her is devastating. Alessandro Momo, her previous boyfriend, had in fact died in a terrible accident on a motorbike by her prestatagli. With the approach by Rizzoli, was the detoxification, until complete healing and at what Giorgi has described as a true return to life. The Giorgi spoke about it in his biography In the shoes of another where he talked about how this relationship has been for her, the fundamental.

About the passion for the dance, to tell also a curiosity that perhaps few know about or remember. Eleanor was also the mother-in-law for a short period of time, Alice Bellagamba, the ex-dancer Friends, and now aspiring actress. The marriage between the son of Eleonora Giorgi and Alice is lasted very little, was the ex-dancer Friends to put an end to this relationship. “She is married in good faith but was very immature for that step. I'm sorry that you have left, would have been a beautiful baby. I, out of respect for both of them, I refused to talk about this story for a long time. But I don't have a grudge against Alice” - these are the words of the actress in the living room of Barbara d'urso Sunday Live.

Recently on the magazine Spy is pop-up an interview during which the Giorgi said he had thought of being locked into a convent and leave all but apparently has changed his mind, and soon we are going to see on Dancing with the stars.

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