Elena Santarelli, the brain tumor and the painful outburst: ‘I'm tired of...’

Published on Oct 27, 2018

The popular showgirl confesses to ‘The moody blues’ on Rai Radio2

A few hours ago, Elena Santarelli has released a long interview to ‘The Lunatics’, the radio program hosted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Ciancio. The radio show Rai Radio 2, the popular showgirl lazio is back to talk about the difficult time that is going through the illness of James. Remember that the child is suffering from a brain tumor.

“All go back to work. And no one knows who the son with cancer, a for this are not judged. This is the negative side of my work”,

said the woman who expressed the desire to become a grandmother too.

“Life is now. Also just the fact that my son will get out of bed, go into the bathroom to brush his teeth and return to bed, it is not granted”,

said Elena Santarelli in the radio program of Rai. The woman by several months, is fighting with her husband Bennardo Corradi, a former footballer, cancer of their young son James. The maid has admitted she has become more strong and prefer not to complain because living in the hospital sees the reality of the worst of his.

“My son fight this disease is like fighting another one that you can call it chicken pox or measles, I say two names at random. An adult already at a disadvantage, he documents, is the terror.”

The beautiful Elena Santarelli is often very busy in work related to advertising. In fact, his face is associated with the water Rocchetta, together with Alessandro Del Piero. The showgirl has expressed the desire to return to work in television. Finally, the woman has stated that will not show the face of his son James on the social network to protect privacy.

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