Elena Santarelli on the sick child: “they Say it's because I vaccinated”


Published on Apr 29, 2020


Elena Santarelli was the guest of the second episode of “the room of The doctor” program hosted by Paolo Bonolis, and from the doctor, Roy De Vita, live streaming of SDL TV. During the episode, the doctor tried to explain to the public the question, “No vax”.

On the occasion of the theme of the episode was interviewed Elena Santarelli, who often felt attacked by the No vax. The son of Elena Santarelli is from some year in the cancer patient. In fact, for a long time now, the showgirl italiana is out of the scene to be close to his son. The long, painful battle of the little James, Elena has wanted to share the pain in a book, published about a year ago.

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To hit the family is not only the very serious illness of the son of Elena Santarelli, James, only 10 years, but also the wild accusations of the no-vax: “rumour had it that my son has taken the cancer, why I vaccinated. To let you know what becomes absurd is the language of the people against a parent, which at this time is facing a disease”.

The question No Vax is a great debate that now we hear about from time. From doctors to pharmaceutical companies and politicians, you are hearing a lot of conflicting opinions. All this, however, does not justify the position taken against Elena Santarelli, mother of little James, who suffers from time.

Dr. Roy De Vita explained better the question No vax: “The arguments of the No Vax are based on the hazards of vaccines and their uselessness. Speaking of speculation on the part of large pharmaceutical groups, which have large earnings from the vaccines. It's undoubtedly true that this may be true (earnings ndr), but the rest is not acceptable.”

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He added that there is a relationship of trust between patient and doctor: “Why do we sign the consent? Because the patient must be aware of the fact that there are risks with respect to what you are doing. No practice medicine and surgery is free from risks.”

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