Electronic Arts: FIFA and Madden NFL may lose the annual

Published on Nov 09, 2017

For some time now, we are accustomed to the annual of sports games such as FIFA or Madden NFL, both of Electronic Arts, but soon things could change.

The ceo of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg and revealed that the company would be thinking of a future in which games will not have an annual, but will you have subscription services that will receive a big update simultaneously to the new sports seasons. To give you an example, think of what happened in the Office suite: in the beginning were released new versions about every three years, which involved the purchase of a license for each new version, while with Office 365, the situation has changed, because they are provided for the purchase of a subscription license (renewable every month or every year) and the various updates during the course of the year.

In spite of a sort of this model is already available in China or Korea, where you will be issued a major update every four years, followed by other updates that bring changes, or new features, for the western market and it will take a long time before being able to say goodbye to every year.


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