Electoral law, Renzi: “You can vote safely in the spring, but the rate in October is possible,”

Published on May 31, 2017

Rate in October is possible, do other european Countries and becomes the “psychological terrorism” on the stability of the public accounts and on the necessity of a decree in July to correct the accounts. He has said Matteo Renzi, during the recording of Porta a Porta. “My humble opinion is that all of the psychological terrorism on a decree in July, is simply a joke”. Electoral law, Renzi: “You can vote safely in the spring, but the rate in October is possible.” Renzi explains: “You can vote during the period September-October? Theoretically yes, it is true that Austria and Germany do. To say voting is a danger to me seems a little ridiculous as a sentence. You can safely vote in the spring, what change six months more or less? The key point is that the budget law. Technically there are ways to find a solution... there's No risk of the provisional, there is no problem”. When he is told that the head of State could ask for a commitment to the parties on the law of the budget, Renzi replied: “Commitment to what? It would be offensive against us support you going to vote, risking instability. This is the party, the Pd, who in the name of responsibility gave birth to my government and the government Gentiloni, what are we talking about? It is clear that we have to say that it puts in the budget law...”. The theme creates, however, tension within the majority, in particular between the Ncd and the Pd. “We have fun – attack from Facebook, Angelino Alfano – these statements on the power of blackmail and veto of the “small parties”. Incredible. Here the governments made them just dropping the Pd, sin they were their own. Letta, Renzi and now we'll see if that will induce Customers to the resignation or the sfiducerà. In all three cases, the secretary of the Pd is always the same.” “Small parties? Be wary of the large. This is called instability, but – dear Pd – you call them, if you want, “elections”. “If after years that you have been to the government – replication Renzi – have made the minister of everything, can't you take the 5%, it is evident that we can not block all”. So Matteo Renzi on the allegations of the leader of Ap, Angelino Alfano. “I impatient? – added Renzi – I couldn't stay at the Palazzo Chigi, and instead I went...I have the impression that they have fear but it is not acceptable to the veto of the ‘small'”. The risks of the German system. “It is clear – says Renzi – that there can be a lack of a majority, as in Germany. I hope that will give confidence to the Pd, if it will not be so we have to see the numbers in the Parliament”. “The agreement on the rules between the main political forces do not prefigure any political agreement to the next legislature, no great coalition, but only the correct share of the electoral regulations”. The site points out Silvio Berlusconi, in a note on the electoral law after having met for breakfast with the Leaders of Forza Italia Chamber of deputies and Senate, Renato Brunetta and Paolo Romani. Forza Italia says, “reiterates the need to apply the German system. This means barrier of 5%, lists that are proportional to the proper length, proportional method of allocation of seats, on a national basis, similar to the one used in Germany, to the exclusion of any hypothesis of preference voting. This agreement will finally be able to return the word to the italians, allowing for voters, after the four governments not chosen by the citizens, to decide who they want to be governed”.

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