Electoral law and to ready the new Germanichellum. Nothing capilista blocked

Published on Jun 04, 2017

(askanews) – recovered in the sala del Mappamondo of the examination in the constitutional Affairs committee that, not later than tomorrow evening, must approve the reform of the electoral law. At the end of intense negotiations in the evening, at night and in the morning the representatives of the Pd, M5s, Fi, and the League have signed the agreement for a reformulation of the Germanichellum presented to journalists by the group leader Pd Ettore Rosato. Electoral law and to ready the new Germanichellum. Nothing capilista blocked. The main changes consist in the disappearance of the capilista blocked (will enter Parliament for the first winners in the schools); in the confirmation of the disappearance of pluricandidature: you may be the candidate at the same time to massimno in a college and in a proportional list (Forza Italia has attempted to up their last report, 3-the pluricandidature); in the definition of a compulsory relationship 60/40% between the candidates, male and female, which can be added to the alternation of gender in the lists of the proportional; in the simplification of the meccanisimo collection of the signatures needed to submit applications; the outstretched hand to those smaller parties which, while overcoming the threshold of 5% will not win in any college,: in this case, in fact, will be elected to the first in that constituency, not the leader of the small party, but the first of the not elected in the colleges. In the new agreement, moreover, the constituencies of proportional yesterday climbs from 27 to 29 are reduced to 28 (will be removed in the Veneto, it is confirmed that in most of the region of Lombardy). And the lists must have a minimum of 2 (yesterday was one) and a maximum of 6 applications. It is the pattern of the bottom of the Germanichellum: barrier threshold in the country at 5%; a ratio of 60%-40% between the seats for a majority in a single-member wards; a single vote in a single board for the Room that the Senate, without the possibility of a separated vote (the voter by putting a single cross will choose the candidate distribution and the list of candidates to him, connected); number of colleges in the Room borrowed by the provisions of the Mattarellum for the Senate: 225 more stationary ones of the Trentino-Alto Adige and Val d'aosta. And 112 in the Senate.

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