Elections Marchirolo, interview with Massimo Master-candidate for mayor of “Marchirolo 2017”

Published on Jun 09, 2017

In view of the elections that will affect the different municipalities of the Alto Varesotto, including Marchirolo, the editorial staff of “The Boot, Thinking” he decided to go to interview the candidates for the mayors of the four lists in the running: the New Force with Francesco Folino candidate for mayor, “Marchirolo 2017” with Maximum Master, “Marchirolo in common” with Dino Busts and “Marchirolo in evolution” and Salvatore Parise. We went to ask them the reasons that drove them to stand as a candidate, who will accompany them in this race to the administrative and why, what are the issues that are in reality marchirolese and much more. After the interview with the candidate of “New Force” Francesco Folino, Salvatore Parise candidate for mayor for the list “Marchirolo in evolution” and yesterday in the Dino Busts, a candidate for mayor in the list “Marchirolo” today to answer our questions, at the closing of the exhibition, the interviews, will be the greatest Master, a candidate for mayor for the list “Marchirolo 2017”. How come you decided to apply? Are the local councillor for 20 years, 15 of which as a member of a minority, I was encouraged by many citizens to continue and, above all, to change the route the administration that has led in recent years to ignore those who are the true needs of my fellow citizens. What issues found in your country? They are under everybody's eyes: urban decor is poor, the streets always dirty, the sidewalks swarming with animal excreta, and what is more serious, the total absence of public places dedicated to young people. You are looking for a field where you just play football? You have to go into the neighbouring towns, in our country is following the policy of giving all management to the private sector. With as a result? Play football, for example, in the historic public field of the Camillians will cost 70 euros/hour! In that way, will try to solve the problems highlighted? Return the municipal facilities to the citizens of Marchirolo, to give clear rules for a correct use, and free. Hire the staff to bring the country back to the decorum required. We want to start from small things, which are those related to the daily needs of all. We can submit his team of directors? Gaspare Artale, Paul Bio, Mario Ferrara, Palmerino Ferrara, Flavio Foresti, Antonino Licari, Gaetano Pantano, Lucy Pope, Susanna Pessini, Maria Luisa Specimens, Corrado Protégé and Giancarlo Putignano. Ordinary citizens who want to improve their country, people who live from their work without interest in the territory. What will be your priorities? As already said, urban decoration, traffic and safety of the national road 233, made pursuant to the elementary school for the past too many years waiting for a serious intervention. Think that you have chances of winning? If the message, as I hope, it came clear to everyone the ability to administer the municipality in the next 5 years are concrete. What would you like to say to his opponents? The message for all is to leave aside the interests, let us dedicate ourselves to our country, we work for the common good.

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