Elections Marchirolo, interview with Francesco Folino candidate for mayor of New Force

Published on Jun 05, 2017

In view of the elections that will affect the different municipalities of the Alto Varesotto, including Marchirolo, the editorial staff of “The Boot, Thinking” he decided to go to interview the candidates for the mayors of the four lists in the running: the New Force with Francesco Folino candidate for mayor, Marchirolo 2017 with Maximum Master, Marchirolo in common with Dino Busts and Marchirolo in evolution and Salvatore Parise. We went to ask him for the reasons that drove them to stand as a candidate, who will accompany them in this race to the administrative and why, what are the issues that are in reality marchirolese and much more. The first to respond will be today, Francesco Folino, a candidate for mayor of the municipality of Marchirolo list New Strength. Follow the interviews with the other candidates. How come you decided to apply? To impersonate a concrete project of the rebirth of the country, and to the full sharing of the ideal line and operating the New Force, the movement of which, proudly, I'm a part of. What issues found in your country? The city-centre are impoverishing and depopulating more and more, the elementary schools are in need of important structural interventions, to say the least, confused plan of roads to get upset motorists and does not allow for a fluid, the feasibility of the town, the sports complex “Camillians” waits more than a decade in its full re-opening, young people do not have institutions that are close to their needs, the citizens in difficulty, economic, housing and work, have to do with a system, not only the municipal, more and more short-sighted. In that way, will try to solve the problems highlighted? Applying our concrete program, and incisive, urging institutions of higher to have a better consideration of the reality for the village, involving constantly the citizenship and associations. We can submit his team of directors? The list consists of 10 candidates and councillors, 7 men and 3 women, one half is resident in the country and another comes from the neighboring countries. Among them are represented all the professional sectors: from the housewife to the worker session and, from the craftsman to the retailer, up to the entrepreneur. All are excellent connoisseurs of the country environment, and it is their ideas that must be the composition of the programme. Simply for the sense of civic pride and community spirit have decided to accompany me in this electoral competition. What will be your priorities? Granting favourable conditions of the local disused public property in commercial or artisanal citizens willing to reopen and traditional activities of the provision of services that are always less present in the country. Address priority of each type of grant care, competence of the local authorities, to residents in the possession of the Italian citizenship for at least two generations, and reminders to the Province of Varese, Region Lombardia, the National Government to act, they, too, with such a mode of selection. The renovation of the houses, the abandoned property of the city and starting projects addressed the assistance of Italian nationals in emergency housing. Replacement of the mini-bus used to transport students, the sourcing of the necessary funds through the advertising initiatives of commercial and artisan activities of the territory and the completion of the maintenance of the school complex elementary school; supplied to municipal buildings plant useful energy savings through the exploitation of renewable energies. Increase of the maintenance of the road network, green spaces and recreation areas municipal. Recovery the double sense of circulation, out of hours “school”, in Via San Camillo. The reopening of the historic centre to the vehicles belonging to non-residents. Removal of the flower beds in the Via San Camillo Via Cocoon, in spaces construction of new parking areas. In the context of the Plan of Government of the Territory containing the indices of the structure, favouring the restructuring, conversion of stable into disuse in the new building while preserving the green areas and wooded. Securing and re-opening of the sports complex “Camillians”. The start of a phase of dialogue with the Administrations of neighbouring countries aimed at consorziare the body of the Local Police. Repression of the spread and consumption of drugs in the area behind the cemetery, and all over the municipal territory. The opening of a public office, connected to a multimedia facility, addressed to the handling of problems of work of employees, traders, craftsmen; the ability to access public tenders and placing both with regard to the Italian labour market and the swiss. The creation of a municipal assembly of volunteers engaged in assistance for the most vulnerable groups of the population, in the organization of cultural events and recreational facilities, and in the promotion of local peculiarities and in support of the historical truth for a long time active in the reality of the municipality. Start of the process useful to the obtaining of the certification De.Co, or Municipal Denomination of Origin of the association League of the Earth, addressed to the promotion of culture, traditions, local products, useful to obtain public funding in a variety of sectors. The organisation of information evenings on the safety-related behaviors and methodologies of the anti break-ins and anti-fraud in the domestic sphere, the rise of video surveillance and, if necessary, the involvement of citizens in the initiatives of control of the streets of the country: volunteer observers and walks for safety. Appropriation of a fund in favor of young couples and large families. Opposition to the categorical and strong opposition to start in the country to host projects migrants. Support to the sports associations and the provision of contributions to them. Contrast at the level of cultural and legal and public recognition of unions between gay, membership referendums, laws, regulations, or policies to promote, defend, or restore the natural family as the sole container of social benefits and legal. The establishment of a permanent committee that screens educational and text books in order not to spread the ideology of “gender” and all its aberrant and unnatural branches. Think that you have chances of winning? Of course, we strive for the government of the country. In the political landscape and local we are the most serious and concrete alternative to the outgoing majority. What would you like to say to the opponents? I hope to see you soon...sitting in the benches of the opposition.

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