Elections in Britain: the flop May not have the majority. Corbyn: “Now go away”

Published on Jun 09, 2017

To counting of cards by now almost completed, is the confirmation of the failure of Theresa May, a slight advantage compared to the Labour, and without a majority that can govern the Brexit. You can imagine a parliament locked, ‘hanging on’ to any covenants, to the state very unlikely. But May would not plan to resign and do not want to allow Brussels to postpone the negotiations on the Brexit on the pretext that “there is no government in Great Britain”. Elections in Britain: the flop May not have the majority. Corbyn: “Now go away”. The conservative party and premier, Theresa May has won the elections but failed to win an absolute majority in the Parliament necessary to govern the Country. According to the projections of the Bcc, on the basis of results of almost complete on the 650 constituencies, the Conservatives have 308 seats, and therefore can not reach the 326 needed to preserve the absolute majority. On the 638 seats out of 650 assigned so far, and 312 go to the Tory, 258 to the Labour, 34 the Scottish National Party, 12 liberal democrats, 10 of the Democratic Unionist party, 7 to Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru if they won 3 and the Green Party 1. In this way, the elections wanted by the premier Theresa May that end with the parliament suspended, as no part is able to get the 326 seats needed for an absolute majority in Parliament. The leader of the Labour party's Jeremy Corbyn asks that the premier May resigns: “he Has lost seats, lost votes, lost support and trust. All this is sufficient to leave the job to a government that is truly representative”. It seems, however, Theresa May does not intend to resign despite the defeat in the elections. And’ what emerges from the british press waiting for the intervention of the premier to the 11 – second which May was again called convinced that Britain has need of stability whatever the outcome of the election and that the conservatives are the party that can lead the country to “move forward together”. From its part the Labour Party is ready to give life to a minority government. To state this is the state, the spokesman for the Labour, and the chancellor-the shadow of the John McDonnell. “We have always said – he told SkyNews – that whatever the circumstances, we are ready to serve the interests of the country and we are ready to form a government. In our position it would be a minority government”.

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