Election law, Thursday is the text to get to the Room. The opening between the Pd and the M5S?

Published on May 09, 2017

Comparison and dialogue between the democratic Party and the Movement 5 Stars in view of the arrival of the text on the electoral law to the Chamber, on which the attention of the media and of the citizen is very relevant for years now.Here's the current situation, with a possible opening between the two sides, and the positions of some politicians pentastellati and piddini. Election law, Thursday is the text to get to the Room. The opening between the Pd and the M5S?. “We note that, after our opening on the electoral law, and finally the Pd via Matteo Richetti to agree with the fact that the new electoral law must necessarily ensure representation and governability to the Country.” The M5S “is willing to open a dialogue in the place appointed, the commission for constitutional Affairs”. And’ what they say the deputies pentastellati, Danilo Toninelli and Andrea Cecconi. The proposal is a “synthesis” between the proposal of the law before signing Gian Mario Fragomeli of the Pd and the Legalicum, which is the Italicum reviewed by the council. “The Pd says he will have a corrective in the majority, but there are many. The problem is that it does not tell us what is their favorite”, explains to AdnKronos Cecconi, a member of the Constitutional Affairs committee of Parliament. According to the pentastellato, the proposal of the law Fragomeli – which provides a double shift, without runoff and can be accessed by all parties that exceed the threshold of 20% at the first round – “presents interesting ideas, but we need to talk about it, possibly in the commission”. “We have taken as reference the proposal Fragomeli, was the last but now those of the Pd should tell us if this is their proposal, or whether it represents only Fragomeli. Otherwise what are we talking about?”, adds Cecconi. In the meantime, the parent company of the Pd Ettore Rosato know, that, “in the inertia of all the political parties that have only said no, Thursday will certainly be a text, I do load with the presenter. You can find a majority who we are, with who wants to get serious”. A few hours before, about the proposal Richetti, a member of the first floor of the Movement had said: “There seems to be good. If the road is that of the system of the majority prize to the list, we are there”. In the morning, Richetti has, in fact, open to the possibility of a “ground of understanding” with the 5-Star pact is that the “setting” of the new electoral law, also for the lists, “to preserve a system the majority and guaranteeing governability.” In the house, the M5S is the Legalicum remains “the base,” he explained today, Luigi Di Maio, stressing the need to “leave the prize to the list and not the coalition which, he emphasized, is a mosh pit that brought down all governments”. For the dem Richetti, “if the vice-president of the Chamber Of Maio and the M5S are serious and are ready to take up the responsibility of an election law to be shared, then it is possible to build quickly a soil of understanding”. “The important thing, he explained, is that the setting, also for lists, keep a plant majority and ensuring that governance, as requested by the secretary Renzi. No return to logic ‘proportional’ and return a clear result with respect to the choices of the citizens. On this we are ready to work responsibly and profitably”. (ADNKRONOS)

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