Elecam 360: how to convert photos and videos in the right format

Published on Aug 02, 2016

In these days, we have had the opportunity to try the Elecam 360, action cam made by Elephone and is capable of recording photos and video in 360°.

This characteristic, however, does not seem to be so immediate, as the only way to view the result of our shots is to use the official app. Displaying images and videos in the gallery we will see that these are divided into 2 spheres, each one representing the result obtained by a lens.

For this reason, before you can share everything on Facebook or YouTube, and be able to take advantage of the special features of display at 360° it is necessary to implement a conversion that unites the 2 spheres in a single image/video from the right format.

The procedure that I am going to list I was kindly recommended by the guys at Honorbuy.it, after having expressed my doubt, I have promptly responded with this excellent solution. Before proceeding with the explanation you need to download the program Elecam 360 Video Converter that we will use for both photos and video.

Download| Elecam 360 Video Converter for Windows from MEGA

Download| Elecam 360 Video Converter for MacOS from MEGA

Once connected to our action cam to your computer, transfer the video that we intend to convert in a folder of our pleasure. Subsequently, the program is open Elecam 360 Video Converter and click the Add button. Chose the file/files that we intend to convert, we can then select the quality of conversion (the board is always set High to make the better), and the path in which the file is to be saved the final.

Next to each video, then, we find the ability to rotate the video, changing the center of the shot, and information related to the status of the operation. Finally, by clicking on the Play button, it will start the conversion.

Before you can use the tool mentioned above, it is necessary to modify some of the exif data. In order to do this, let us go on the site theXifer.net and load the photos that we intend to convert. Immediately after this, by clicking on the exif button.me will appear a pop-up with a series of information.

Of the fields that you'll see, you'll have to edit only 2 in this way:

Leave everything else the same, going in the bottom of the list click on the Go button.eXifing going up at the top, click on Close editor, and soon after on the Download button. At this point, as is the case for the video, the program is open Elecam 360 Video Converter, we add the photos you want to convert and click on the Play button to start the conversion

Therefore, by using this procedure you will be able to publish photos and video on social networks and on all those web services able to view your photos and video in 360°. Unfortunately, as is evident, the procedure is not very immediate, and necessarily requires the use of a computer, and do everything your smartphone would certainly be more convenient and practical.

Hoping in future updates, if you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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