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Published on Oct 11, 2019


September 29, 2013 aired the last episode of Breaking Bad, the television series has now become a real cult for the countless fans, to the point that even but was in 2015, he published an article entitled “do You clear the memory for review Breaking Bad“, an idea that actually came to mind a lot of people, even if infeasible. Its success has been such that it has pushed in 2015, its creator Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould to create the spin-off Better Call Saul.

Now, after little more than six years from the conclusion of Breaking Bad, the same Vince Gilligan has decided to tell what happened right after the events narrated in the last episode of his series with a film length of 122 minutes, El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad. If you are still hoping for a new season of Breaking Bad, you'll have to resign yourself to the idea that there will never be, as confirmed in a recent interview from the same Aaron Paul.

If you need to refresh your memory a bit about some of the main events of Breaking Bad, you can see, before the movie, a very short summary provided by Netflix, even if, to tell the truth, it may not rinfrescarvela much. I will stay very vague about the plot of El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad, if you are reading this review to give you just a little bit of an idea of the movie before watching it, so don't worry: spoilers are banned.


We had left Jesse Pinkman in the last episode of Breaking Bad, escaping to the edge of a El Camino, a car that gives exactly the title of this film. All that you will see, therefore, concern what happened to the tormented Jesse after choosing to abandon his former associate, Walter “Heisenberg” White to dissanguarsi on the floor, unaware of what would happen to him after his escape.

Hunted by the police for his criminal acts, Jesse will have to find a way, any way, to try to survive outside of a prison. But it will not be a simple feat to accomplish...

For much of the film, you will notice how the time of the narration is divided into two: you will see what happens in the present, interspersed with some of the events which have taken place in different moments of the past, narrative choice, this, which is apt to show the audience the necessary premises for the correct understanding of precisely what is happening in the present; furthermore, this narrative device also ensures continuity of El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad and the series of which it is the natural result. Nothing is therefore left to chance, because all the events are interwoven between them to perfection, creating a coherent general framework.

However, if you are expecting a movie full of action, plots, and slain you'll have to revise a bit your expectations: El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad is in fact focused more on the story, the introspection, and relationships, fleeting or not, between Jesse and the other characters on the elements of action, which, however, are still present. But I do wish to emphasize that my is only a clarification, not an accusation that the film is indeed very exciting and you will know a little better what goes on in the head of a man like Jesse Pinkman, now that is left alone.

The torment, the sense of alienation, the loneliness, the tension, the terror of being caught Jesse, all these feelings, and more tangible, thanks to a narrative style, her act and to make intense the transmission of the whole range of feelings from its protagonist, masterfully played by a buff Aaron Paul.


El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad is a sequel that is linked to Breaking Bad to be able to explain what happens to Jesse Pinkman after the events told in the series, but that also has the objective to answer some of the questions left unanswered in the series. The tone is always very tense and suffered keeps alive the interest of the spectators, thanks to the excellent performance of the actors and directing work and photography that underscore the salient elements of a story, for nothing light or carefree, but the dark and tormented, and this is in line with Breaking Bad.

El Camino – The Movie of Breaking Bad is an original production of Netflix and is available for viewing on this streaming platform, online payment today, 11 October, 2019.

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