Effect Sanremo in the day time on Rai 1: the boom in Italian Stories, growing Evidence of the cook and live Life


Published on Feb 07, 2019


Finally, the effect Sanremo is felt even in the day time of Rai 1 that takes flight. The data of listening to relating to the day of 6 February 2019, the first after the Festival, are clearly in growth for all programs broadcast on the first network Rai. Good morning, in particular, with the Italian Stories of Elenora Daniele, who confirms to the programme leader of its class and flies with the average of 1.3 million viewers. The effect Sanremo is doing well to the test of The cook, who in this edition brings a breath of fresh air thanks to the connections with the singers from the red carpet of Sanremo. You could do better, always, but should be acknowledged to the authors of the programme: this stuff works. Well then The proof of the cook is always away from the plays of the past edition, but in growth compared to the low average of the 2018/2019. And the miracle also takes place in the afternoon with live life that manages to overcome, finally, the two million spectators. Beats the Afternoon Five but remains in the wake. Excellent also the result of Come to me with Caterina Balivo confirms that in the afternoon on Rai 1 as the programme chosen by the audience of the network with more and more enthusiasm ( and not at all granted visas in the ratings of Men and Women always at the top).

But we see the numbers.

-One Morning me good morning in 1.101.000 viewers with 19.85%. Italian stories got 1.307.000 spectators (23.46%) in the first part and 1.268.000 spectators (20.77%) in the second part.

Eleonora Daniele has the arduous task of giving the data of listening, convincing, and does it with a program during which no shortage of criticisms of the show. Great job, as always.

-The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.524.000 viewers with 14.19% of the share.

Given this, however, we also add a consideration: on Rai 2 The facts your era in a wave reduced in size to give space to the ski.


-Come to Me convinced 2.042.000 spectators equal to 14.29% of the audience. The Paradise of the Lord has a passionate 1.689.000 spectators equal to 14.42%. The TG1 has informed 1.248.000 viewers (11.09%), while the TG1 Economy has gathered 1.306.000 viewers (11.46%). Life Direct has collected 1.454.000 viewers with 12.42%, in the first part of the duration of 12 minutes, and 2.156.000 viewers with 16.42%, in the second part.

Teresa de Santis, the director of Rai 1, will certainly be satisfied with the work done.

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