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Published on Sep 04, 2019


Below is the press release that explains in detail the guests and the new publication of Edizioni BD and J-POP we talked about Tuesday, September 3, and not only:


Yudori and Tony Valente will be the guests of J-POP Manga for five days of Lucca Comics
& Games and participate in firmacopie and events with the readers. More details on the way
to meet them will be revealed in the coming weeks on the site and the social publisher.

Since 1991, Yudori brings to the table the raw reality of the asian girls victimized and collect the tears of men bad and turning them into beautiful works of art. Author full de The Curious Case of the Ring Brothers, and illustrator of the Explorer's Guide to Planet Orgasm, has conquered hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. In 2016 starts the publication of the webtoon Pandora's Choice with Lezhin: the story of the little girl, Pandora “condemned” by his asiatic appearance, inherited from the mother to be the target of the malevolence of the american society of the NINETEENTH century. The work ignites the web, and instantly became among the most followed of the platform. In 2018, the historical drama Yudori is collected in two volumes in Korea. The paper publication in Italian is the first edition outside his or her country of origin.

Tony Valente
Born in 1984 in Toulouse, Tony Valente is interested in the bande dessinée franco-belgian to
manga. He moves the first steps in the world of comics in 2004 with the fantasy series Les 4 Princes de Ganahan (The four principles of Ganahan). In 2008, returns to the atmosphere of the manga series Hana Actors, then launches the creation of S. P. E. E. D. Angels, a trilogy written and directed by Didier Tarquin. In 2012 he began the manga Radiant. The success is such that the series is published in Japan without first being printed in the magazine; furthermore, it has been made an adaptation anime from NHK, the first public broadcaster in japan.


The Great Adventure of astro boy
by Osamu Tezuka
Available at Lucca Comics & Games 2019
Lovers of Osamushi Collection will enjoy an original volume on the legendary
Astro boy, The Great Adventure of astro boy, in the exit for Lucca Comics & Games, is
an adventure new God of Manga for his Tetsuwan Atom: a powerhouse of
the ingredients that have made it an icon of the robot from the hair to the toe, full of action, travel
time, aliens, and thoughts about what makes us truly human. Collected in a single volume with
introduction by Osamu Tezuka.

Quintessential Unfortunately
of Negi Haruba
Available at Lucca Comics & Games 2019
Arrives in Italy the phenomenon by almost 7 million copies sold, the amazing harem-comedy
Kodansha away from the clichés already become anime! The luck of Futaro, a brilliant high school student penniless, appears to turn when the family Nakano to hire him as a tutor for his 5 daughters: identical twin but from the opposite personalities, and not all the see of a good eye! What's in store for the future?

Weathering with you
Makoto Shinkai
Available in the fall
After the huge success of your name., here comes the new novel of Makoto Shinkai!
Hodaka, high school, coming from a remote region of Japan, take advantage of the holidays to
look for a summer job in Tokyo. There is taken in the preparation of a magazine that deals with the occult, and finds himself chasing the traces of his first urban legend: it is said that the city is inhabited by a girl's ability to influence the time, by stop the rain in the command. Exists really such a person?

The Prince of the Monsters
of Fujiko Fujio A.
Available in the fall
Comes Carletto! The manga of The Prince of the Monsters arrives for the first time in Italy in a box
two volumes with the selection of the best adventures of Carletto, enriched with special contents! The manga that inspired the legendary animated series from the same creator of Doraemon, is the story of the little heir of the Planet of the monsters and his “creepy” friends, arrived on Earth to live a thousand adventures...

Pokémon-the Great Adventure (Volumes 14-17)
of Hidenori Society, Satoshi Sakamoto Available in the fall
Here comes the fifth box to the new adventures comic strips of the beloved monsters Nintendo,
this time inspired by the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl! For a
curious coincidence, the Pearl, and Diamond, are found to escort the only descendant of the prestigious family of Berlitz of Sinnoh towards the Mountain Crown. Small detail: the two are not the guards of the body, but a comedy duo! For the three boys begins a long journey that will take them through the whole region of Sinnoh!


Detective Pikachu
Brian Bucellato, Nelson Dániel Available in the fall
For the first time an adventure of the Pokémon in the style of the comics! Inspired by the movie of the same name,
Detective Pikachu tells the story of a man who teams up with Detective Pikachu to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his father. Chasing the trail of clues through the streets of Ryme City the dynamic duo will end up making a discovery that could put in danger the entire Pokémon universe and its inhabitants (human and non)!

Mirka Andolfo
Available at Lucca Comics & Games 2019
The collection of the second trilogy of the series, sweet & spicy, Mirka Andolfo! In lead us Not into temptation, In the name of the Father, and Deliver us from evil, Angelina and Damian will have to face all the challenges of a real family, and parenthood, all while continuing to keep alive the passion!

Zannablù Zannengers: Ham Game
Barbara Barbieri, Stefano Bonfanti Available at Lucca Comics & Games 2019
They are the heroes (with the stomachs) the most powerful of the Earth, a team well trained in the service of the most
spietat - ahem, generous multinational of the multiverse! More or less. As always when there is Zannablù, contingencies, and disasters are not slow to strike, and this time will have as a target the superheroes that the world loves, but every so often they would also like to take a break...

Kill the Granny 2.0 (Volume 5)
Francesca Mengozzi, Giovanni Marcora Available at Lucca Comics & Games 2019
New chapter for the series that has gone where (almost) no feline has ever done before!
The fight between Satan, God and the Great Old has left on the ground, little old ladies and fur balls,
reserving destinies far more obscure deities. But is not over yet and the machinations of dark
are ready to generate yet the chaos in the saga more fun the space non-euclidean

Calendar BoJack Horseman 2020
Available in the fall.
BoJack Horseman, the cult series of the Netflix winning awards all over the world, becomes a
calendar to accompany with his humor and his genius all over the your 2020! Twelve pages for twelve months, full of illustrations, previously unpublished, inside jokes, and surprises for all the fans of the series. An object not to be missed for any fan!

Edizioni BD and J-POP, Manga, the details of the ads pre-Lucca Comics 2019 is




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