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Published on Nov 01, 2019


Present at Lucca Comics & Games 2019, Edizioni BD has announced several innovations, including some of the titles Dentiblù.

STUMPTOWN Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth

The award-winning writer Greg Rucka (“Gotham Central”, “Batwoman”) and artist Matthew Southworth to give life to an intense comic-strip novel, hard-boiled, became a tv series starring Cobie Smulders (How I met your mother, Avengers). Dex Parios, a private investigator with the problem of the game and tormented by his military past, is dragged into a case that is more than it may seem... and that might not come out alive! An exciting detective story in the wake of Dennis Lehane, Robert B. Parker and Raymond Chandler.

LOUD Maria Llovet

After a Heartbeat, and Insecto, a new, intriguing graphic novel the fruit of the talent of Maria Llovet! In the darkness, filled by the bass of a music that prevents almost to think, a night club, becomes the place in which intertwine the lives of two assassins, a stripper, a teenager pregnant, a clan of vampires and a sadistic dominatrix. With its sensual style and pop-punk, the comic-Spanish with strong influences from manga tells an unforgettable night and tarantiniana in his debut for the label, USE the Black Mask!

KAIROS of Ulysse Malassagne

A fantasy without breath by adult themes, influenced by the aesthetic of manga and the animation of Hayao Miyazaki, between imaginary worlds and strange creatures reflect on what we are willing to sacrifice to get what we want. During a weekend in the house in the family of the girlfriend Anaëlle, Nills is the witness to the abduction of the girl by a troop of dragons humanoids, which drags it into another dimension. Decided to save the love of his life, Nills launches in pursuit, finding himself entangled in a revolt against a tyrannical royal family, and discovering a truth unsuspected. But nothing will discourage from fighting with tooth and nail, against everything and everyone for putting together the pieces of his dream...

MALATERRE – A forest of regrets of Pierre-Henry Gomont

Winner of numerous cultural awards, the French film Festival of Angoulême, Pierre-Henry Gomont writes and draws a protagonist who is unforgettable for his new graphic novel, which is set in Europe and the lush forests of africa, to a family drama full of nuances. Gabriel Lesaffre, the scion of a rich family, refractory to the order and to the authority, is accustomed to using guile, deception and the money to solve every problem (that you create). Every new business that launches, manages to interest only for a short time before replacements boredom... And this is also true for his family. Until, unable to accept failure after years of absence, it does not force the children to accompany him in the latest crazy project, the renovation of a villa in the forests of africa, which soon turns into a new pattern of tension, especially if there are two teenage boys who are discovering a new world and new sensations...



Already winning in its first incarnation with the online awards Joe Schuster and Ignatz, as well as nominated for Eisner awards, this graphic novel of the canadian Hartley Lin leads perfectly on paper the challenges of generating revenue in the world of work in a period of change and revolutions, that have massive repercussions on the emotions and private life. Frances, a legal assistant for talent, but not convinced that the megastudio legal work is the right place for her, she has to contend with colleagues perpetually stressed-out, upper enigmatic and a best friend-an actress who seems to take nothing seriously. This story is gritty and realistic, but with a vein of surreal, surprising, has been one of the major successes in the USA of 2018, entering in the ranking of end-of-year critics, enthusiasts and insiders.

GRAVEYARD KIDS of David Minciaroni

As in the best shonen manga, the arrival of a new boy in town brings havoc to the comics of David Minciaroni! Between rival gangs, fights without quarter and a style, insane and psychedelic as expressive, this battle for control of the territory and for the honor to leave you breathless. Don't be fooled by the young age of the protagonists: when the game gets tough, the kids begin to play!

HEDY LAMARR – THE WOMAN in the MOST EXTRAORDINARY OF the WORLD by William Roy, Sylvain Dorange

Today it is mainly known as a star among the brightest of the Golden Age of Hollywood, like Judy Garland and Clark Gable; but the life of Hedy Lamarr, born in Vienna and lived long in the USA, hides the twists and secrets that have marked the History of humanity. The life and career of actress Hedy extended to the ingenious inventor, with his projects, he contributed to the revolutionary aircraft of Howard Hughes, and his research enabled him to develop a system of communication used against the nazi army... and that became the base of our Wi-fi. The story of this amazing woman yet to be discovered, that out of the screen had to fight with discrimination and abuse, arrives in a biography comic book which will leave you open-mouthed!


His image, a dark suit and a cigarette between the fingers, is iconic: Rod Serling is the man who has created and shown on tv all over the world To the Borders of Reality (The Twilight Zone), bringing science fiction into every home. And, by fantastic creatures, monsters, and with the help of the best minds in the landscape of literature, was able to speak to all of the burning issues such as racism, the violence of war and the abuses of the powerful. This is his biography in comics, from his involvement in the second world war, which earned him the highest military honors, until the extraordinary success of his idea, told by the brilliant cartoonist Koren Shadmi (already winner of the Gran Guinigi).

GIANT DAYS 6 and 7 of John Allison, Max Sarin

Fresh winner of two Eisner Awards, returns to the comedy series/the university's most exciting... and we are celebrating the milestone with a volume of the maxi, which collects volumes 6 and 7 of the original edition! Daisy, Esther and Susan are now students of the second year, they left the dormitory to find a home all their own and are, some more and some (a lot) less engaged in a romantic life... ups and downs. A load of responsibility that is excessive, perhaps, that will result in absurd situations, and thrilling tradition of the series!

SS TATA Walter Leoni

Walter Leoni, the brilliant cartoonist of the, to his test debut as an author of a graphic novel! Klaus, a scientist of the Reich is obsessed with the idea of cloning Hitler, lives in the Italy of today, where, in fact, a nazi presence is quite moderate. His plans go though his legs in the air when she finds herself between the feet of the great-great-granddaughter of color, a small source of chaos that will test his pure ideals.
Leoni uses its sharp claws satirical to draw a hilarious portrait of our society, exposing hypocrisy and hidden defects.... but not too much.

HIKIKOMORI Mary Sara Mignolli, Vincenzo Filosa.

This is the story of a Hikikomori. It is the story of a happy childhood, and of the clash with
an image of himself too great, too idealized, which belongs to the world of the beautiful and full of success, seen through the distorting lens of a teenager who feels totally inadequate. It is the story of an adolescence lived dramatically by its protagonist and of the causes that push young Hikiko, just fifteen years old, to autorecludersi in their own room, to escape from the physical world and from his own body.

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