Editorial Cosmos: the outputs of the November 2019


Published on Sep 08, 2019


As announced by the publishing house of romagna, we bring you all the news from Publishing the Cosmos planned for the month of November, 2019: the fourth volume of RED SONJA on the third of BLOODBORNE, the catalogue caters for all types of readers.

CAPTAIN ITALY THE COLLECTION Author: Walter Venturi and AA.VV. Series: Cosmo Comics 70 Pages: 224pp. b/n Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 19,90€

To celebrate 25 years since its birth, back to the irreverent Captain of Italy, a cult personality of the underground of the Nineties born from the pencil of Walter Venturi, now the historic column of Italian comics. A single volume that gathers together all of the small albums of the regular series, plus one new story, which shows Captain Italy at the centre of the political debate these days...

ALWAYS RAINING HERE 1 CARTER Author: Hazel and Bell Pages: 192pp. color Format: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

The webcomic revelation signed Hazel and Bell that has captured readers of overseas lands as the first international proposal on the pages of Mizar, the necklace, Boys’ Love, curated by Samuel Spano, the mind and the arm of the hugely popular Nine Stones, and Valeria Gobbato. The story of two teenagers I was embarrassed and struggling with a love story that neither of them had planned, proposed in two volumes, content-rich extras!

THE ESCAPADES OF MR. LOPEZ Author: Trillo and Altuna Series: The Great Masters Special 33 Pages: 192pp. b/n Size: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 6,90€

Mr. Lopez is a man, but each time through the door of the bathroom she finds herself in the fantastic worlds where he lives incredible adventures surrounded by stunning and scantily clad beauties. In this one-shot, you will find the cycle created by the artistic union between Carlos Trillo and Horacio Altuna. A masterpiece of eroticism!

SHERLOCK HOLMES The MAN who DISAPPEARED Author: Leah Mmore, John Reppion, and Julius Otha Series: the Cosmos Series Blue 86 Pages: 128pp. color Format: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 5,90€

A new survey for the greatest detective in the world! Michael Williams is a quiet man, everything home, family and work. For this reason, when it disappears without leaving any trace, it seems impossible to find any clue. Tap and then to Shelock Holmes and the trusty Dr. Watson shed light on this incredible event.

BLOODBORNE 3 the SONG OF THE CROWS Author: Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski Series: Cosmo Fantasy 38 Pages: 112pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

NEW CHAPTER THAT REVEALS THE ORIGINS OF ONE OF the MOST ICONIC video game OF the CULT SIGNED FROMSOFTWARE – The city of Yharnam is coated by the snow. Eileen, the Raven, the huntress of hunters, sees sfuggirsi his latest prey, which is sowing chaos in the streets in the grip of a fury beast. While the bodies are crowded together, the very fabric of reality is shaken by what he has escaped from the academy of Byrgenwerth, that will test the sanity of the demon hunter itself.

HORACIO ALTUNA VOYEUR 3 (OF 3) Author: Horacio Altuna Series: The Great Masters Deluxe Edition 3 Pages: 144pp. color Format: 21,5x29cm Binding: hardback Price: 29,90€

It concludes the re-proposition, in deluxe format, of all the erotic stories realized by the master Horacio Altuna and made for the Playboy magazine. This mini-series presents the work in its entirety, including all the episodes “jump” in the edition pocket from the newsstand. From the collection!

THE MASSIVE BOX set Pages: 904pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 103,40€

In a post-apocalyptic world, the vessel environmental Kapital search in the oceans, its sister ship that mysteriously disappeared, the Massive. Captain Callum Israel, who has dedicated his life to the preservation of the oceans, now you're asking – while the planet dies –what it means to be an environmentalist after the death of the World. In an elegant box set collection, the entire narrative of the series signed by Brian Wood, complete with the prequel Ninth Wave!

LUCKY LUKE is A COYBOY IN PARIS Author: Jul and Achde Series: the Cosmos Series Yellow 86 Pages: 48pp. color Size: 22x29cm Binding: hardback Price: 14,90€

Back with a new unpublished episode of the series, Lucky Luke, one of the comics humorous the most famous of all time, with over 250 million copies sold all over the world. As for the last volume promised Land, this new episode sees the work of the now established team of authors format the american Jul and artist Achdé. The output takes place simultaneously with that of the French edition.

MILLENNIUM SAGA BOX set Author: Runberg and Homs Pages: 384pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 44,70€

Collected in an elegant box set collection, the first three volumes of the saga Millennium, adapted from the novels written by Stieg Larsson who have kidnapped the public and the critics both on printed paper and on the big screen with two film adaptations!

RED SONJA 4 THE THRONE OF the FALCON Author: Marguerite Bennett, Aneke and Marguerite Sauvage Necklace: Cosmo Fantasy 40 Pages: 144pp. color Format: 17x26cm
Binding: column Price: 16,90€

A contemporary of Conan the barbarian, Red Sonja has conquered the public and critics, with many transpositions not only in the pages of the comics, but also in television series and animated, as well as in a film adaptation. In this new chapter, Red Sonja will have to stop the emergence of a new brutal regime: that of his own people!

JUDGE DREDD: THE GRANT MORRISON & MARK MILLAR COLLECTION 2 CRUSADE Author: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Carlos Ezquerra Collection: Cosmo Comics 68 Pages: 144pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 16,90€

After the complete cycle of stories by Garth Ennis, Editorial Cosmos is pleased to present a new series dedicated to the great authors who have accompanied the court's most famous comic book: the Dredd by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar! A complete collection of all the stories written by the two authors in chronological order on the inflexible guardian of the law of Mega-City One.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS 1: BATMAN 1 (1964-1965) Author: Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Sheldon Moldoff Series: Dc Comics Showcase 1 Pages: 552pp. b/n Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 34,90€

Editorial Cosmo is proud to present to Italian readers, this prestigious series of DC Comics that will feature, in the volumes of “the mammoth” of more than 500 pages each, identical to the original series americana, a series of stories with the fundamental of the most beloved superheroes of the world. We could start with Batman, in the numbers that marked the relaunch of the character, with the presentation of well a year and a half of stories published between May 1964 and September 1965, and made by the best american authors of the time. Contains Detective Comics #327-342 and Batman #164-174.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS 2: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 1 (1960-1962) Author: Gardner Fox, Mike Sekolowski and Bo Hampton Series: Dc Comics Showcase 2 Pages: 544pp. b/n Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 34,90€

A book not to be missed. Here you are the first adventures of the Justice League of America, presented in strict chronological order and starting from the first, mythical adventure time, against the evil starro's! There are 20 adventures of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman made by the authors the top of the time! Contains The Brave and The Bold #28-30, Justice League of America #1-16 and Mystery in Space #75.

THE CALACA DE AZUCAR 2 THANKSGIVING NIGHTMARE Author: Cristina Cocoro and Eleonora Gatta Pages: 128pp. color Size: 21x29cm Binding: column Price: 14,90€

EDITORIAL COSMO IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE SECOND VOLUME of UNPUBLISHED 100% MADE IN ITALY – Contacting against an aztec god is definitely not the way
best to prepare for a university exam! Trapped in the mysterious town of Esqueleto, affected by a powerful curse, Mordecai will attempt to regain the freedom districandosi between the wires of a game plotted by a cruel deity.

EN GARDE! 1 THE newcomer Author: C. S. Pahath, Johanna the Mad and Joana Lafuente Pages: 112pp. color Size: 19x25cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

The second international proposal that lands on the pages of Mizar, the necklace, Boys’ Love
curated by Samuel Spano, the mind and the arm of the hugely popular Nine Stones, and Valeria Gobbato. A new, unmissable series about the world of a young aspiring fencing champion, his rival, and their forced cohabitation that marries the tradition of sports manga like Yuri!!! On Ice and Haikyu!! The ace of the Volleyball proposal, exceptionally, in sauce western!

JOHN CARTER: warlords OF MARS (1977-1979) Author: Chris Claremont, Marv Wolfman, Frank Miller, Gil Kane, and AA.VV. Series: Cosmo Showcase 1 Pages: 632pp. b/n Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 39,90€

Finally we get to fill a gap in the world of Italian comics, presenting in this massive volume, the entire collection John Carter: Warlord of Mars published by Marvel between 1977 and 1979. 31 adventures made by all the sacred monsters of the House of Ideas, with new spectacular signed by Frank Miller and Gil Kane! Contains John Carter. Warlord of Mars #1-28 and 3) Annual.




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