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Published on Jul 10, 2019


As announced by the publishing house of romagna, we bring you all the news from Publishing the Cosmos planned for the month of August 2019: the third volume of the RED SONJA and PENNY DREADFUL to T. H. U. N. D. E. R. AGENTS 1 THE BEST OF WALLY WOOD, the catalogue caters for all types of readers. For fans of the classics comes the fourth edition dedicated to the great leaders of history, focusing on Caesar, while Kleiner Flug HORATIO NELSON MANOEUVRES.

SAVAGE DRAGON 2 A FORCE to be reckoned WITH Author: Erik Larsen Series: the Cosmos Comics – Savage Dragon 2
Pages: 128pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 14,90€

RETURN to the ADVENTURES OF THE HEROIC ALIEN police officer CREATED BY ERIK LARSEN, the FORMER NAME OF the TIP OF the MARVEL – An opportunity more tempting for all those who have never read the adventures of this fundamental character of american comics. In this series, published in the original format to the american, you will find all the first
impossible to find stories of a series that is published even today! Who is the Dragon? Where are you from? The mystery about the origins of this atypical superhero will keep you in suspense for a long, long, long time.

SAVAGE DRAGON 31 INVASION Author: Erik Larsen Series: the Cosmos Comics – Savage Dragon 31 Pages: 128pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 14,90€

THE STORIES OF SAVAGE DRAGON EVER PUBLISHED IN ITALY! CONTAINS SAVAGE DRAGON 175-180 – Continues apace, the publication of the adventures unreleased Savage Dragon of the great Erik Larsen, with a new, complete adventure! The menu includes the return of the old villain, new nemesis and the return of the new...Mighty Man? Not to be missed!

JUDGE DREDD: THE GRANT MORRISON & MARK MILLAR COLLECTION 1 – HELL Author: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Carlos Ezquerra Collection: Cosmo Comics 66 Pages: 144pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 16,90€

WAGNER AND CARLOS EZQUERRA. – After the complete cycle of stories by Garth Ennis, Editorial Cosmos is pleased to present a new series dedicated to the great authors who have accompanied the court's most famous comic book: the Dredd by Grant Morrison and Mark
Millar! A complete collection of all the stories written by the two authors in chronological order on the inflexible guardian of the law of Mega-City One.

RED SONJA 3 THAT YOU are CURSED Author: Pat Mills and Simon Davis Series: Cosmos, Fantasy, 36 Pages: 112pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

RED SONJA WAS CREATED IN the SEVENTIES BY WRITER ROY THOMAS is a CONTEMPORARY OF CONAN THE BARBARIAN – Red Sonja has conquered the public and critics, with many transpositions not only in the pages of the comics, but also in television series and animated, as well as a film adaptation, where he was played by
Brigitte Nielsen. The new series of the heroine from the bikini to the scales and crown, the flamboyant tells the story with a new perspective on its origins in the land of Hyrkania.

PENNY DREADFUL 3 THE VICTORY OF DEATH Author: Chris King and Jesus Hervas Series: Cosmo Fantasy 34 Pages: 112pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

THE NEW series OF PENNY DREADFUL COMES TO a CLIMAX WITH THIS THIRD installment OF the SERIES – The battle of the medium Vanessa Ives against the forces of the
the dark is non-stop, and the only hope lies in a darkness even greater...the elusive Dracula. Written hand-in-hand with the executive producers of the TV series, this new cycle of stories expands, the dark victorian world that is the stage of a plot that irresistible.

HORACIO ALTUNA-VOYEUR 1 (OF 3) Author: Horacio Altuna Series: The Great Masters Deluxe Edition 1 Pages: 128pp. color Format: 17x24cm Binding: column Price: 14,90€

Here COMES THE REVIVAL, IN DELUXE FORMAT, OF ALL THE EROTIC STORIES REALIZED BY the MASTER HORACIO ALTUNA – Made for the Playboy magazine, this mini-series presents the work in its entirety, including all the episodes “jump” in the edition pocket from the newsstand. Among female students, generous and professional, happy, husband, libertines, and women unhappy, you will lose, in fact, in a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of licentious images, story after story will show you the many faces of the most playful eroticism.

SLAINE: THE BRUTANIA CHRONICLES 3 ANGELS OF DEATH Author: Pat Mills and Simon Davis Series: Cosmos, Fantasy 35 Pages: 112pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

CONTINUE the STORIES OF THE WARRIOR WHO HAS brought TOGETHER THE POPULATIONS of the IRISH, ANIMATED BY A PICTORIAL STROKE SINGLE – Overwhelmed by the fury of the Primordial, Sláine is the next to be defeated, while the memories that she would rather forget are twisted against. Intent to face the demons of his past, the hero of celtic would have to come up to Sinead to save what remains of humanity before the intervention of the Cyth.

T. H. U. N. D. E. R. AGENTS 1 THE BEST OF WALLY WOOD Author: Gail Simone and Walter Geovani Series: Cosmos Golde Age 34 Pages: 160pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 18,90€

ILLUSTRATED BY ONE OF ITS CREATORS, as WELL as A LEGEND OF AMERICAN COMICS – The legend of the comic book Wally Wood signed numerous adventures of the agents of T. H. U. N. D. E. R., and the best of those stories is presented within this volume
collection. Page after page, the most beautiful adventures of the group of superheroes born in 1965 and the Tower Comics.

BUTT DUM-DUM 2 (3) WOMEN's PRISON Author: Trillo and Bernet Series: The Great Masters Special 31 Pages: 144pp. b/n Size: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 5,90€

MASTERS OF the COMICS WORLD – A sexy comedy, and violent, created by two sacred monsters of the international comic strip, the content of this new discovery that can not miss in your libraries. In this issue you will find two full stories
named after The goddess of the jungle and the women's Prison, plus the back up story Some other fantasy...

The GREAT MASTERS 39: FRANCO SAUDELLI THE BLONDE SERIES POCKET 6 THE SMILE OF the PROPHET Author: Franco Saudelli Series: The books of the Cosmos 46 Pages: 192pp. b/n Size: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 6,90€

The CONCLUSION IN THE STYLE OF DE SERIES ‘THE BLONDE’ WITH A HISTORY UNOBTAINABLE NEVER PUBLISHED ON ALBETTO – concludes the reprint of the adventures of the Blonde, the sexy thief, created by the roman artist Franco Saudelli. In this register you will find the two stories end, A bottle from a million dollars and The smile of the prophet.

NECKLACE WEIRD TALES, SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE DEMON OF LIVERPOOL Author: Leah Moore and Matt Triano Series: the Cosmos Series Blue 84 Pages: 128pp. color Format: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 5,90€

INVESTIGATE ON THE CASE, THE MOST AMAZING OF THEIR CAREER! – It seems that a monstrous assassin to move freely in the subsurface of Liverpool, and who is claiming one victim after another. Holmes is convinced that the be is, in reality, a killer without scruples, but his assistant swears to have seen with their own eyes that it is a creature

MAGASIN GENERAL 5 OUR LADY OF the LAKES Author: Jean-Louis Tripp and Regis Loisel Necklace: Cosmo Comics 65 Pages: 96pp. color Format: 17x26cm Binding: column Price: 12,90€

READING – it Seems that everything is ending up upside down in rural Quebec. It is perhaps the work of the devil? The beginning of the end? The fifth and last volume of the spearhead of the dramatic comedy, signed by Loisel and Tripp.

The GREAT LEADERS OF HISTORY 4 CAESAR Author: Rakes and Nuti Series: the Cosmos Series Yellow 84 Pages: 96pp. color Format: 16x21cm Binding: column Price: 5,30€

CONTINUES THE PROPOSAL 100% MADE IN ITALY DEDICATED TO the GREATEST LEADERS OF human HISTORY – The last event, which closes the first season,
could not be dedicated to the great roman conqueror: Gaius Julius Caesar!

HORATIO NELSON MANOEUVRES Author: Rakes and Nuti Series: Wonders, among the Clouds Pages: 48pp. color Format: 21×28.5 cm Binding: hardback Price: 16,00€

Take PLACE AT CAPE TRAFALGAR – admiral of the British Navy, Horatio Nelson chased the admiral of the French Navy, Villeneuve for the whole of the mediterranean and the atlantic to the American Colonies and back. The stakes are highest, and ships and crews are top-notch, but what will remain of the legend of Nelson after the battle whether to participate in the battle will also be a guy who has always heard of Nelson on the books?

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