Editorial Cosmos, the outputs of December 2019


Published on Dec 10, 2019


Eleven appointments at the newsstand.

Many of the outputs additions to the Editorial Cosmos in the program in the last month of the year.

For the Yellow Series will be on sale “Lele Vianello 1” for the mini-series “The Great Masters”, with 128 black and white pages at 4.30 euro.

In the Series Weird Tales of the Blue Series space instead of Sherlock Holmes against Harry Houdini, volume on sale with 112 color pages at the price of € 5.90.

“Trillo-Altuna – Voyeur 4” will be the proposal of The Great Masters the Special, available for the public at large, with 128 color pages for 5.90 euro.

The Great Masters will propose instead of “Textures” by Sergio Toppi, with 96 pages in full color € 5.30.

For the Cosmos, Comics, space Savage Dragon, volume 35, with 136 colour pages at 16,90 euro, and “Judge Dredd – Brothers of the Blood”, with 176 pages, always in color, 19,90 euro.

Cosmos Fantasy will be released instead of “Magic: The Gathering Chandra” with 96 pages in color at 12,90 euro. For the Cosmos Books a double appointment: “Mister Mastermind – Franco Saudelli”, hardback with 48 color pages at 19,90 euros, and “Batman – The daily strips 3 – 1969-1972” with 336 pages in full color-42 euro.

For the Ninth Art, finally, two books in December: “Prince Valiant 14 – 1963-1964”, hardback with 112 pages in colour is 24,90 euros, and “Francis " John Buscema”, hardcover 56 pages colour 19,90 euro.

Editorial Cosmos, the outputs of December 2019 is




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