Editorial Cosmos, the outputs of August 2018


Published on Aug 03, 2018


It starts with the series “Cosmos Comics”:

For the series “Cosmos Fantasy”, will be published in the third volume of Dragon Age, 112 pages, 12,90€.

The Yellow Series continues with the Masters of Historietas: Cybersix, Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia, comes to its eighth output, 192 pages, black and white. Cover price: 6,90€.

The series “The Great Masters” continues with the work of Attilio Micheluzzi: in the month of August Editorial, Cosmo will publish the first issue of Johnny Focus (112 pages in black-and-white 3,90€).

For the series “Weird Tales”, Stephane Betbeder and Darko Perovic arrive in Italy with Dr. Watson, a book of 96 pages in black-and-white. Cover price: 3,50€.

In the series “The great battles of history” will be back in the trenches of the first world war, with the Ambulance 13: 96 beautiful color pages signed by Patrick Othias, Patrice Ordas, and Alain Mounier. Cover price: 4,90€.

To close the month of August, the Master of comics Dino Battle with his Maupassant in the register of a 112-page black-and-white. Cover price: 3,90€.

Editorial Cosmos, the outputs of the August 2018 is




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