Editorial Cosmo announces Stray Bullets by David Lapham


Published on Feb 20, 2020


Through a terse post on his page facebook official, Editorial Cosmos, has announced the publication of Stray Bullets by David Lapham.

You have not provided the details at the moment, neither on the size nor on the actual date of publication, but only that it will be a Full publication.


Published by Editoriale Cosmo on Thursday 20 February 2020

Stray Bullets is a series published in the United States of America from El Capitan Books and created by David Lapham, owner and director of the publishing house. The series began in 1995 and continues to be published with irregular periodicity. The author through this series won the Eisner Award as “best author complete” in 1996.

The original series, then excluding the various spin-off and sequel to the also recent, consists of 41 books.

In Italy the series was partially translated, preserving the original title, from the Magic Press which published first of each month on the anthology series The Crow Presents and, later, reprinted the first cycle of stories (numbers 1-7) in a similar volume to the edition hard-cover is put on the market in the U. S. A. Then the rights are passed to Panini Comics, which has opted for two made of reduced size compared to that of the Magic Press (Lucky that I have her, she reprinted the numbers 8-12, already seen on The Raven Presents, and the Sex & Violence that, as well as reprint no. 17, the last number seen on The Raven Presents, has published the unpublished numbers 18-20). The publishing rights of this series, currently, are not held by any Italian publisher.

Stray Bullets tells often of criminals and of the tragic misadventures of a large cast of characters, alternating between them in an intricate weave that goes to be recomposed in a piece at a time, and is complicated, as are the episodes, shot between the early eighties and the mid nineties. The title itself is a reference to the events of a little rogue, in addition to that unfortunate of the various protagonists, who wander around like bullets fired accidentally without a goal and a purpose accurate but still a danger to themselves and others. Each book is a standalone and tells the story of a moment in the life of a character, in a definite period, is not at all obvious that the next album narrates the evolution or the consequences of what happened in the first number.

Editorial Cosmo announces Stray Bullets by David Lapham is




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