Editions BD, the new products announced at Naples Comicon, 2019


Published on Apr 27, 2019


Kyo Maclear, Byron Eggenschwiler
From the writer Kyo Maclear Virginia Wolf: The little girl with the wolf within, The family the List), a graphic novel between the comic and the music perfectly captures the challenges of boys of the middle schools and the desire to find your own rhythm in life.
Charlie is looking for a perfect piece for the task assigned by the professor of music, but the exploration of the various genres of the door only to get even more questions about what I really want to. It does not help the concentration of the new interest in the classmate Emile, or concern for Luka, that it did not show up for a little while...
It will be the discovery of the music and life of Maria Callas, with his indomitable desire to be free on stage and off, to open up a new world of emotions.

of Ulysse Malassagne
A fantasy without breath by adult themes, influenced by the aesthetic of manga and the animation of Hayao Miyazaki, between imaginary worlds and strange creatures reflect on what we are willing to sacrifice to get what we want.
During a weekend in the house in the family of the girlfriend Anaëlle, Nills is the witness to the abduction of the girl by a troop of dragons humanoids, which drags it into another dimension.
Decided to save the love of his life, Nills launches in pursuit, finding himself entangled in
a revolt against a tyrannical royal family, and discovering a truth unsuspected. But nothing will discourage from fighting with tooth and nail, against everything and everyone for putting together the pieces of his dream...

Pierre-Henry Gomont
Winner of numerous cultural awards, the French film Festival of Angoulême, Pierre-Henry Gomont writes and draws a protagonist who is unforgettable for his new graphic novel, which is set in Europe and the lush forests of africa, to a family drama full of nuances. Gabriel Lesaffre, the scion of a rich family, refractory to the order and to the authority, is accustomed to using guile, deception and the money to solve every problem (that you create). Every new business that launches, manages to interest only for a short time before replacements boredom... And this is also true for his family. Until, unable to accept failure after years of absence, it does not force the children to accompany him in the latest crazy project, the renovation of a villa in the forests of africa, which soon turns into a new pattern of tension, especially if there are two teenage boys who are discovering a new world and new sensations...

the Hartley Lin
Already winning in its first incarnation with the online awards Joe Schuster and Ignatz, as well as nominated for Eisner awards, this graphic novel of the canadian Hartley Lin leads perfectly on paper the challenges of generating revenue in the world of work in a period of change and revolutions, that have massive repercussions on the emotions and private life.
Frances, a legal assistant for talent, but not convinced that the megastudio legal work is the right place for her, she has to contend with colleagues perpetually stressed-out, upper enigmatic and a best friend-an actress who seems to take nothing seriously. This story is gritty and realistic, but with a vein of surreal, surprising, has been one of the major successes in the USA of 2018, entering in the ranking of end-of-year critics, enthusiasts and insiders.

Vincent Perriot
Between Mad Max, and Moebius, this extraordinary debut of a new French talent gives life to a world which combines the technology of the future, and dinosaurs. Jerri, a pastor and seasoned fighter, seeks revenge against those who destroyed his herd with a storm artificial, and this reaches the giant city tower-king of this desert world in which the law is one of the strongest... But the other forces are in play! Action, world building fascinating and tables spectacular make this maxi-volume a must-read for all lovers of BD!

Editions BD, the new products announced at Napoli Comicon 2019 is




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