Edens Zero to Hiro Mashima, the cover of the debut on Shonen Magazine


Published on Jun 23, 2018


Wednesday, 27 June 2018, the pages of the issue 30 of the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine of Kodansha will host the debut of Edens Zero, the new manga series Hiro Mashima — the dads of Fairy Tail.

The successor of Fairy Tail kicks off with a chapter of 81 pages (color plates included); the cover for that Shonen Magazine dedicated to the series, which, remember, will be offered digitally (on Crunchyroll Manga, comiXology, and the Kindle) in the contemporary world to the japanese publication, in five different languages (English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai):

Shonen Magazine issue 30 Cover: EDENS ZERO.

— SPY – سباي (@Spy_0taku) June 22, 2018

Remember that Hiro Mashima is working also on a sequel to Fairy Tail, for which you take care of the storyboards, drafts, and script, and on a mysterious project.

The final season of the anime, Fairy Tail, instead, will arrive in the Autumn on the tv networks in japan.

Fairy Tail has been serialized in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2006 to July 2017; the volume 63, the last of the series, has been published in the libraries of the japanese on 17 November 2017.

In Italy, Fairy Tail, is in course of publication for Edizioni Star Comics; the master's Mashima the same publishing house has also published Rave, Monster Soul and Monster Hunter Orage.

Edens Zero to Hiro Mashima, the cover of the debut on Shonen Magazine is




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