Eden, new anime for Netflix from the director of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Published on Apr 14, 2019


Netflix has announced Eden, a new animated series that will be available on the subscription service of video on demand in 2020.

Will consist of four episodes and will be directed by Yasuhiro Irie, director, animator and character designer who has worked on animated series such as Escaflowne of the Heavens (the director of animation, animation key), Cowboy Bebop (animation key), Fullmetal Alchemist (direction of opening) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (director).

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Among the anime series arriving in the next few months on Netflix include:

In The Animation
April 30, 2019

The scientific discovery of a mysterious substance can affect the human mind leads the two factions to fight no holds barred for lack of control.

14 May 2019

When Shibuya is found in the 2388, the student Daisuke and his friends are recruited by the agent Milo of AHRV to combat a hostile race, the cyborgs.

Kakegurui xx
June 13, 2019

Yumeko Jabami going to win every bet to the Academy Hyakkaou, a school that assesses the students only for their skill in gambling.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
June 21, 2019

The legendary anime that has shocked the world arrives on Netflix! All 26 episodes of the innovative TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion will be available worldwide from the 21st of June, only on Netflix!


After a rude awakening, begins the struggle for the survival of humanity. A fate unknown awaits the young men and women chosen for the project 7Seeds, designed to prevent the extinction of the human race. Netflix and the studio of japanese animation, Gonzo work together to provide this science-fiction story set in the not too distant future. The anime series original Netflix 7Seeds will be available in the summer of 2019 only on Netflix!

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Source: NX on Netflix

Eden, new anime for Netflix from the director of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is




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