Ed Sheeran: “I don't like to be surrounded by too many people”


Published on Jul 17, 2019


The singer has told of her fight against social anxiety

The artist's four-times winner of Grammy awards, And Sheeran has spoken of living with this “crippling social anxiety”, the singer, in fact he feels uncomfortable in places that are full of people. In spite perform in the largest and most important stadiums in the world, Sheeran said to suffer from claustrophobia and do not like crowds.

In an interview to The The Sun, about the release of his last album, he said: “I don't like big groups of people, which is ironic since I do shows in front of thousands of people.” And, then, continued:”I feel claustrophobic and I don't like to be in the middle of many people. I have no problems talking with people. But it is when the people I was filming and staring at me. It makes me feel strange.”

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Sheeran has told you to live with this social anxiety for eight years, the singer believes that his illness has arrived in conjunction with the its world-wide success, in particular with the surge in 2017, when the single “Shape of You” was released and the album Divides it became platinum.

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And he mentioned his battle against the problems of mental health in his latest single, “I Don't Care”, which includes the phrase: “With all these people around you are paralyzed by anxiety but I was told that is where we should be.”

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