Ed Sheeran: everything is ready for the ‘second’ marriage


Published on Sep 12, 2019


The artist is having a party

That Ed Sheeran was a character, shy and romantic is what is known. In his songs he often does, reveal feelings for Cherry Seaborn, his wife. In this sense, despite the extreme notoriety, and has always been rather shy, leading a life far removed from the excesses typical of the stars and protecting its history.

Ed and Cherry were married a short time ago, at the end of 2018, but this does not seem to be enough for the two lovebirds. To celebrate even more her and their love, the british singer-songwriter has decided to celebrate again the wedding, organizing a party that promises to be unforgettable.

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The party will be invited relatives and friends, the singer from the beginning has been clear: we do not want a ceremony too public. However, to accommodate all the guests probably are going to build a real circus tent in the woods of Suffolk. Definitely out of the ordinary! The couple decided to celebrate their wedding, inviting all the people that were not invited to their wedding “the secret” of 2018.

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Their love story seems like a fairy tale, in fact, Ed Sheeran and Cherry know each other from when they were children. However, with the celebrities and the two lost sight of until ricontrarsi randomly in 2015 and by that time, they have not separated. The singer in fact has declared: “I have traveled the world but I'm in love with a girl who grew up 10 minutes from my house.”

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