Easter, the gift of chicks out of a parish of the luino area. Zampa Onlus: “Never has a gift been more wrong”

Published on Apr 17, 2017

Comes from the association of luino area “Zampa Onlus” the complaint for the donation of day-old chicks out of the parish of Germignaga, which took place yesterday, Easter Sunday. “Never gift more wrong, in a few of them really know and know how to them is bred. We give you six tips for raising chicks and for them to survive-at least until you will not find them in the right arrangement”. Here is their press release. Easter, the gift of chicks out of a parish of the luino area. Zampa Onlus: “Never has a gift been more wrong”. “We have come to know that in a neighbouring parish, during the easter mass, were given away the chicks of a few days one reads in the press release published by the association of luino area ‘Paw Onluns’ -. Give the gift of the animals at random is, in itself, a mistake, all the more so it becomes when it comes to chicks. Very few of them really know and know how to them it breeds; many of the chicks make the most of today, unfortunately, are going to die soon. The chicks, in fact, are delicate infants. In need of special care, suitable food, warmth, the company of their own kind, and despite this have a large chance of contracting diseases; their mortality is very high, especially if they are pushed away from the brooder, or are born in the incubator. Soon also the beautiful yellow chick will become a hen... and then mess up, puzzerà a bit, it will make noise, will need space to roam, his life expectancy goes from 2/3 years to 10. Take with itself an animal is a commitment that lasts for the whole of his life: for this we need to think very well before you bring home one. You are therefore recommended not to give away chicks to people who do not already have a chicken coop that has adequate farming, and to not take with you if you do not know how to raise them for the better: if you have brought home the chicks from the mass in question, you search immediately for a new home! Here below you will find six useful tips to raise the chicks for them to survive at least until you will find them the right accommodation: – 1. It is very important to keep them warm, protected from drafts, for at least a month should be placed in a cardboard box under a lamp (incandescent bulb) turned on day and night (of course paying attention to the temperature, if you move away from the lamp they are too hot and you can turn it off at least during the day). Until you find the lamp you can put a bowl or a bottle of hot water, changing often to keep the temperature constant. – 2. Initially they must be fed only feed the first period with a coccidiostat; the 40 days can take the second period, always with a coccidiostat, which must be maintained up to 5-6 months. All the feed you can buy in the Consortium, to Cugnasco or similar stores. After the first month, you can give a few leaves of lettuce or small pieces of fruit; NO bread, NO sweets, NO feed for canaries and other birds, NO scrap of kitchen; – 3. They must have fresh water always available; food and water should be placed in saucers from the bottom edge (for example, in a small saucer); – 4. They must be kept safe in a cage that is large enough, away from other pets; they must be also handled as little as possible and with great delicacy. The bottom of the cage should be covered with newspapers or sawdust and should be changed often, to avoid that swallow their faeces; to – 5. They must be kept in the house until at least 3 months and can be placed in a house of adults up to 3-4 months; 6. If you decide to keep them you have to build them a chicken house proper, with a shelter night and the space to roam, and, above all, protected by a network antipredatore. If you are seriously willing to dedicate to these animals, you can find more information on this site www.tuttosullegalline.it or by purchasing the book “How to raise happy hens”“.

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