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Published on Feb 18, 2019


Inaugurated in January 2019 with two masterpieces of the Carpenter (“the Fog” and “1997: escape from New York”), the blockbuster sci-fi “Dune” and the cult hit “Highlander – The last immortal”, the series offers editions exclusive and remastered of the great classics of cinema history, some long out of print, produced in a combo pack containing the dual-format DVD+BD, with an excellent quality of Blu-ray support, and often equipped by the gadget special.

From the 27th of February is available for the necklace also “Amores Perros”, the masterpiece which has made known to the director Alejandro G. Iñárritu (the Revenant – Back) to the public at large. The first chapter of the Trilogy on Death, followed by “21 grams” and “Babel”, the film follows three intertwined lives, and was a candidate for the Oscar Award in 2001 and the Golden Globe award in 2002 and won 3 awards at the Cannes film Festival and more than 50 awards at major film festivals around the world.

Always from the 27th of February arrives on home video, even “Monster's Ball – The shadow of life” by Marc Forster (Neverland, Quantum of Solace, World War Z, Return to the Forest of the 100 Acres), also available in edition Combo (DVD + Blu-Ray). A work award-winning and filmed with skill, that makes use of the extraordinary performances of Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry, who thanks to this role was the first actress of color to win the Oscar as the protagonist.

Starting from march 2019, for the series “The Collector” will be available two masterpieces in one edition Home Video.

The 13 march is coming the cult movie “Dances with wolves”, the thrilling western adventure, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, which is available thanks to Eagle Pictures see the extended version. In particular, the Home edition Video by “The Collector” will contain a Blu-Ray disc with the full version of 3 hours and 45 minutes accompanied by a lot of extra content, and a DVD disc with the version from the theatrical original. The edition will contain, in addition, a special postcard from the collection inspired by the film, made by the students of the International School of Comics.

Winner of 7 academy awards (including best film and best director) and strongly backed by Costner who has been able to re-read with skill and originality, the myth of the Far West, this epic follows the story of lieutenant John Dunbar during the American civil War.

The hero of the cavalry, yankee, in 1863, Dunbar chooses as the future destination of “the frontier” before it disappears completely. Here comes into contact with a tribe of Sioux – who promptly renamed the official “Dances With Wolves” – by a relationship of brotherhood and sharing the same sad fate. The epic story of a man left in search of America, who ends up finding himself. Cult beloved and unforgettable, in 2007 the film was chosen to be preserved in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress of the United States.

March 20 will be available “Traffic” directed by Steven Soderbergh, who signed one of the best thriller politicians ever, with a stellar cast. Also, in this edition, for Home Video, as all previous, will contain both the DVD format and Blue-Ray.

Three different places, three stories that intertwine: in Mexico, the corrupt policeman Javier Rodriguez (Benicio Del Toro) works at the border under the main exponent of the struggle to the crime of Mexico, general Salazar (Tomas Milian). In Washington, judge Robert Wakefield (Michael Douglas) is appointed head of the department's counter-narcotics National Drug Control”, but discovers that his daughter is a drug addict; and, finally, to San Diego, Helena Ayala (Catherine Zeta Jones) discovers that her husband is the “baron” of the drug in central America.

A fascinating story and blockbuster, award-winning 4 Oscars including Best director to Soderbergh, Best supporting actor to Benicio Del Toro, Best adapted screenplay Stephen Gaghan and Best editing Stephen Mirrione.

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