Eachine E33C “Vanguard”: a drone for all (or almost)!


Published on Aug 12, 2017


Eachine has given us the opportunity to try out one of their latest drones – Eachine E33C – nicknamed the “Vanguard” that faces the less experienced to help them with a good image stabilization, nice features, and shock resistance. But this quadricopter is not for everyone, and here's why:

The large package of Eachine E33C is full of details on the outside, where you will find the various pictures of the drone, the transmitter, but also the functionality and the technical details.

Very rich on the inside, where, in addition to the manual of use and maintenance (in Italian, very useful) there are a lot of spare parts, which is always a pleasure to find. To be precise, in the pack you will find:

The quadricopter is made completely of plastic and has a weight of about 90g distributed in generous sizes (25 x 25 x 7 cm) without counting the protection for the propellers. The shape is very similar to that of the drones the most famous, and beneath the rotors stick out of the LED lights colored.

On the compartment battery cover then is attached (and removable) the camera/camera 2MP HD – which we will discuss shortly – with an input of MicroSD side and the switch on/off.

And then Eachine E33C can be mounted convenient plastic feet under the rotors to soften the abrupt landing and to safeguard the camera. And finally there is the controller, not too big but easy to handle and full of keys..maybe too many, really too many for those who are learning, because they are not even labeled!

In conclusion, materials that are not precious (even for a speech of lightness) but still stand up well to bumps and drops. Maybe I was looking for a little more on the solidity of the structure in general,as when I have to replace all the feet after every fall.

Among the greatest advantages of this Eachine E33C there is definitely stability in flight, thanks not only to the gyroscope, 6-axis, but also to the built-in features such as HeadLess Mode, which manages the stabilization automatically.

And there are other features such as the antics of 360°, the speed control mode or return to the hand (not works great though). With the variant E33W then, you can also use your smartphone to control it via Wi-Fi as for the Eachine E52 that we have tested.

In short, Vanguard is also suitable for beginners entering the world of drones, or almost! In fact, the various features do not work and never at the perfection and first of all on stabilization, costringendoti to “fight” with the commands even when there is little wind.

On the other hand, however, this Eachine E33C is also very resistant to impact and to landings and does not need a big maintenance. The only boredom I will give the battery 450 mAh, that demands nearly 45 minutes of charging (maximum of) 12 minutes of flight time.

As I expected, finally, rejected the multimedia: the camera, even if in HD, it really captures a few details (even if of little more than drones of the same age). It also records the audio, but almost completely covered by the noise of the propellers:

In conclusion, Eachine E33C the “Vanguard” is a drone really suitable to those who want to learn to command one but without worrying about any knocks or falls.

This is corroborated then by the good price (maybe a bit altered to Amazon), but you will often find in the discount, even below the 40 euro! You can buy it on Amazon uk at the link below, and if you have an Account First you will not pay shipping and will receive it in one business day!

Eachine Vanguard E33 on the official website


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