E3 Strikes Back – Microsoft at E3 2017

Published on May 27, 2017

Missing now less than a month to E3 2017, and then continue our analysis of the publisher, to understand what we should expect from the various conferences. After the appointment with Sony, now it's up to Microsoft, waiting on the stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 23rd of italy on 11 June. Last year, Redmond was presented to the public in a way certainly positive, despite the insistent rumors leaked a few days before the event. Among the highlights include the confirmation of the existence of Project Scorpio, which is defined as the system by gaming the most powerful ever created. Were many of the titles shown, by Gears 4 Battlefield 1, passing for Forza Horizon 3 and The Division. We have to say, there was also Scalebound: after the break-up between Microsoft and Platinum Games, however, we had to say goodbye to this IP, and with it any hope of seeing her appear at the conference this year.

Despite this, the company is called confident of the future of Xbox, and although as of today we have numerous confirmations of what actually will be present at the fair, we can summarize certainties and try to make some hypothesis.

One of the points of the ladder of Microsoft, which we are sure will not miss about the Xbox Scorpio. Phil Spencer has announced the launch of the new console, which seems to be the most powerful ever created. Although if you talk about it for months, the reveal real occurred only at the beginning of April, with an adjacent diffusion of the technical specifications. The new platform will mark a real revolution in the industry, and we are ready to see it in action on the stage of Los Angeles to discover more about the potential, design, release date and price. In view of the technical features, in fact, the aspect that most scares us is the cost of an entertainment system genre: the estimates remain around €400/500, a price that is competitive but not too much. All, it must be said, will be surrounded by the ecosystem that Microsoft is creating in the last few years, thanks to the backwards compatibility and Xbox Play Anywhere, thanks to the ever-closer with Windows 10. And virtual reality? The company does not if there is absolutely forgotten, and in view of the intentions of Sony, with its VR, we should expect an appropriate response, perhaps during this E3 2017.

Clearly the presentation of the Scorpio will be accompanied by numerous gameplay, so you can understand the potential of a system of that caliber. Among these, in addition to the titles of which we will speak later, may appear on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The first, announced not even two months ago, will certainly be present during the conference Electronic Arts, but it would be a great title for the new Xbox should be confronted. The second, of which we have very little information, could exploit the potential of Scorpio as a springboard to show a duty to the public.

Now we come to the juice of the conference, or games. Silence the press absolute about Forza Motorsport 7, one of the flagship titles for Microsoft that, with high probability it will make its own debut at the fair in los angeles. The new chapter would be one of the first titles to be developed natively on the Scorpio, and that is also why there is great anticipation. Virtually certain is the bundle that includes the console and the game, clearly in 4K, and full of news. Will be in good company, because on stage we'll see Crackdown 3 announced for Xbox One is now 3 years ago, and large absent in the last year on the stage of the fair. All releases of Microsoft spoke, however, of an expected release in 2017, in view of the already substantial line-up of 2016 and the need to fix the campaign of the title. The fund's multiplayer is in a phase of continuous testing for a few months, and for this we have very high expectations: at the same time, however, Microsoft must be careful not to make false steps, in view of the anxiously awaiting a new trailer, at the very least.

The survival State of Decay 2 is another of the titles confirmed for the Microsoft conference this E3 2017. Announced a year ago and slated for release in 2017, we have heard very little in these months. What we know so far is that it will be present in the third-person view, the huge open-world and features co-op up to three players; the engine used is the Unreal Engine 4. A little bit short, considering the time that has elapsed since the announcement, but enough to expect a lot of news on the stage this year. Another confirmation regarding Sea of Thieves, the adventure in the first person, characterized by tools that allow players to create their own stories to share, even in multiplayer. The release date is scheduled for the year in course, given the periods of the closed alpha of the Insider Program, which is essential for a title of this genre. Surely the protagonist common to the various video games that we will see the alternation on the stage will be 4K, now a reality, with which to compare compulsory.

Halo 6 there will be, but do not despair: 343 Industries might have a small treat in store for fans. Microsoft, in fact, has scheduled the release of the next chapter by the end of 2016, and the studio is taking its time to listen to the players and create a good title, trying not to stumble over the mistakes you made in the previous chapter. On the stage of the E3 2017, we may, however, have heard of the saga: the rumors support the possibility of a remastered version of Halo 3 for the PC. I do not exclude, however, the announcement of a full-bodied DLC for Halo War 2, or maybe some news about the TV series related to the series of Steven Spielberg.

Without a shadow of a doubt do not miss the space dedicated to [email protected], thanks to which every year we see the enormous creativity of the developers who rely on Microsoft to publish digitally their works gaming. We do not exclude, also, some new the software side: after the debut of Xbox Play Anywhere and the link (increasingly tight) between Xbox and Windows 10, is not to discard the introduction of some new and interesting function and integrate it with the next updates.

So we will see what Microsoft will be able to do it on stage at E3 2017, and how you will play the cards after the cancellation of Scalebound. Certain Xbox Scorpio is an important piece in the puzzle of the lineup this year, but they also serve important titles and exclusives to support the launch. Despite the insider does not foresee a good year for Redmond, we want to give her confidence. Above all, we would like to assist, concedetecelo, the classic (but always exciting) battle of ads between the giants of the gaming world, that without overdoing it revives the market and the passion of the players.

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