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Published on Jun 10, 2019


But let's go with order and let's go to the list of the main changes announced by the american giant during the festival in los angeles.

Let's start from the video of the cover of the article sees the announcement of Ghostwire: Tokyo. Is a new action-adventure game of Tango Gameworks, the studio that created the two The Evil Within. The plot sees a Tokyo where people are disappearing and it's up to us to unravel the mystery and find out why, dealing with anomalies, paranormal to ward off evil from the metropolis. Some of the spirits of the world are peaceful, while others are lethal.

Immediately after that in importance is the long-awaited release date of DOOM Eternal, which will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting November 22. In this game we will take control of the unstoppable DOOM and Slayer unleash hell on Earth, and in sizes never before seen.

Starting today you will be able to book the standard edition, the Deluxe Edition or the limited Collector's Edition, which contains a helmet wearable DOOM Slayer, the Pass Year 1 with access to additional content in the single-player campaign, the soundtracks, the book about the background, lithography, packaging, Steelbook and in-game items, digital.

A title controversial released in the last year is to Fallout 76 of which will be announced on the mode Wasterlanders and Nuclear Winter, battle Royale, which will be on free trial for a week with the preview pre-beta and Nuclear Winter from June 10.

Will arrive in the autumn of 2019, the massive free update called the Wastelanders, for Fallout 76. A year after the opening of the Vault 76, other human are back in Appalachia. Factions of colonists and marauders, with a lot of NPC humans, dialogues with choices, and new missions, they want to dominate the world and claim a legendary treasure. We will face a new main mission is made of choices and consequences, we'll be interacting with the characters and their unique stories, discover the settlements of the faction, and gain powerful new weapons and armor.

With regard to the Nuclear Winter, this is a new PvP mode free-style “battle royal” to 52 players. The nuclear bombs have changed the world and we have to strive to conquer the place of supervisor of the Vault 51. We will have to climb the ranks, unlocking talents exclusive and build our C. A. M. P. to withstand the storm in the original style of Fallout. Go to the research of weapons, armor, atomic, and even nuclear warheads to destroy the players and the creatures of Appalachia and earn items unique aesthetic. Caps, and PE obtained in Nuclear Winter are kept in the Adventure mode and Survival.

From the award-winning studio Arkane Lyon, the creators of Dishonored, a title that was innovative action games subjective and is called the Deathloop. Here you will fight two deadly assassins, Colt and Jules, in an eternal struggle on the island to ice, and without law Blackreef: one of them wants to break the eternal cycle while the other intends to keep it.

Deathloop is based on the consolidated capacity of Arkane create action titles, innovative, and a great visual impact, with levels designed meticulously that offer us the opportunity to resolve situations in the way that we prefer.

Created by id Software in the early 90's, Commander Keen is proposed by ZeniMax Online Studios for contemporary audiences about current mobile devices, and will be released in a preview this summer. The twins brilliant Billy and Billie of Commander Keen the original come into action with a plethora of gadgets when an alien invasion threatens humanity. You can tackle the single player Story mode, or challenge others in Battle mode. We can equip ourselves with an arsenal of gadgets that will explode, bounce off and discomfit your enemies to become the supreme commanders.

Published the official trailer of the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood, where the legendary B. J. Blazkowicz has disappeared in Paris and the twin daughters of B. J. Jess, and Sophocles will have to work to do in the first cooperative experience in the series to find their old and bring him back home. MachineGames, in collaboration with Arkane's Lyon, will publish the title for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switches on the 26th of July.

In Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, out on 26 July for those who own the viewer on the PlayStation 4, and PC, we will put you in the shoes of the best hackers in the district and in aid of the French resistance. This product title from MachineGames and developed by Arkane Lyon, realized in virtual reality will thrust us into the cockpit of the war machine of the nazi to put them against their masters and unleash chaos on the streets of Paris, a city now in ruins.

Announced the first DLC for Rage 2 that will come out to preview this summer. We will meet between worms, giant sand, a mech driven, new tricks, new vehicles, new events of the community, and more starting from next week. The first to be released is called “The advent of the Ghosts”, this will introduce a new story, a new faction of enemies (the Ghosts), new weapons and abilities, new places to explore and new ways of doing and undoing.

Great was the expectation of the fans on any news regarding the now-legendary The Elder Scrolls VI, the announcement was instead brilliantly even talking about The release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Nintento Switch in the fall. Players will be able to save the progress of the mobile version, or to start a new adventure. Playable in laptop mode or on the tv, this title Switch takes advantage of the unique features of the Joy-and motion sensors in order to facilitate different styles of play.

Already available for iOS and Android is the free update introduces new content and feature requests from the community, including a new mission about dragons, battles in the Arena for single player, new types of assignments, jewelry, support for players above level 50, new decorations and beats audio of the NPC, and the salient moments of the story and the interactions in the city.

Announced for The Elder Scrolls Online, two new DLC call Scalebreaker and Dragonhold. The first, out this summer, will test the players that will try to defeat the winged beasts in two new dungeon group, Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. The second, Dragonhold, will be released in the autumn, and sees the return of Sai Sahan of the original five companions as the head of the Guard of the dragon, a legendary group of warriors feared by dragons every where for their ability of killers, and the epic conclusion of the Season of the Dragon.

Finally, it was announced that The Elder Scrolls: Legends | the Moons of Elswyr arrive next June 27. The award-winning strategy game card free-to-play, presented at E3 this last expansion set in the savannah of Elsweyr. This expansion introduces new cards to the theme, by the khajiiti to the dragons up to the cowardly imperial. With more than 75 cards to add to the many other.

Already from today you can book the package for a limited time and receive 50 Envelopes and a card from the Legendary to the output; in addition, it will unlock immediately exclusive title “the Bearer of the pillar of Wrath,” and a back Premium Stele of the Ira for their collection.

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