E3 2017: the return of The Xbox Live Avatar

Published on Jun 15, 2017

Here is the video that introduces the new Xbox Live Avatar Microsoft, the version 2.0 of cute alter-ego, forgotten on the Xbox 360...

The E3 2017, Los Angeles will end officially only tomorrow, but, after the numerous ads, behind closed doors and some of the video trailers posted here and there during the event, it seems not much left to show on tv.

Microsoft, with its Xbox One X, was certainly one of the undisputed protagonists of this edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but some new “less important” seems to be escaped.

I'm talking of the announcement of the new Xbox Live Avatars, who will return by the end of the year, popular our console (and PC) in a renewed layout, new animations and many gadgets yet to play to the “little stylists”. Ok, I know what you're thinking, “technically, the avatar is not as if they have never gone”, but there is no doubt that, on the Xbox 360, their presence was felt more than it ever was on Xbox One. In years past, my avatar is gone around the console of the friends attached a facehugger on the face, and, today, I would not mind to be able to admire the result of years and years of incubation...

Waiting to find out how you will present my avatar 2.0, here's the official video that shows all the new features that will soon be introduced (in all probability close to the launch of the new console in November):

What do you think? You had forgotten you in your avatar? Please let us know via a comment below!

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