Dynit, the outputs of the souls of May 2018


Published on Mar 17, 2018


Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – The Complete Series

30 May 2018 | Episodes 1 – 12 | 3 DVD | € 29,99

Six months have passed from the events of the first series, when the Sousuke Sagara has been assigned the task of protecting Kaname Chidori. Sousuke, always accustomed to fight and to live on the fields of battle, still it is not able to adapt to normal school life of the high School Jindai, Every situation, the appearance of the town, is transformed in the eyes of the guy in a possible threat to his school friend that, by his hand, try in every way to bring a friend with feet on the ground, however without success.

Extras: Booklet, Acronym, Spot

Kill La Kill – Limited Edition

30 May 2018 | Episodes 1 – 25 | 5 DVD | € 49,99
30 May 2018 | Episodes 1 – 25 | 4 BD | Eur 59,99

The Institute Honnoji is a school close in the iron fist of the student council, led by Kiryuin Satsuki, who controls it through a rigid hierarchy based on the possession of special uniform capable of giving powers greater than human to the wearer. In the institute comes Matoi Ryuko, a girl searching for clues about the murder of his father. The only one in his possession at the time it is half of a giant pair of scissors, left the scene of the crime by the offender. Ryuko is soon at loggerheads with the student council but he is, in a dungeon under his house, an essential tool to be able to deal with: a uniform state that will give you powers equal if not superior to those of his opponents!

Extras: Booklet, Signs, Trailers

Tokyo Ghoul – The Film

30 May 2018 | DVD | Euro 14.99
30 May 2018 | BD | Eur 19,99

In Tokyo's contemporary, not too dissimilar from the reality, the life of men flows serene despite the threat of the ghouls, creatures similar to human beings, but that cannot eat other than human flesh. Ken Kaneki, a young university student who is shy and quiet, he is enticed by a ghoul, Rize. For a case, or perhaps by the hand of someone, and the fall of some of the steel beams overwhelms him and his executioner. Ken, end-of-life and unconscious, is saved thanks to the transplant of the organs of Rize, and from then on, her life will change: taking the biological features of the ghoul, it will become unable to eat normal food and experiences hunger devastating. Alienated and confused, Ken is most likely times to yield to the instincts, driven by hunger, even a step up from the devour Hide, his best friend.

Source: Terminal Video Italia

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