Dynit, the new manga of November 2018


Published on Sep 14, 2018


G. T. O. the Paradise Lost, vol. 11
Toru Fujisawa
12.8 x 18, 192 pp., b/w, column, Euro 6,90

Bug Boy
Hideshi Hino
16.5 x 24, 208 pp., b/w, column, Euro 16,90
Revenge! Sampei is a child, introverted and fragile health, being bullied at school and abused by his family.
The animals are his only consolation, but one day gets bitten by a strange insect...and begins to transform itself gradually into an insect is poisonous.
By the great master of horror, Hideshi Hino, a history of marginalisation and revenge!!!

Helter Skelter
of Kyoko Okazaki
16.5 x 24, 320 pp., b/w, column, Euro 18,90
The wait is over! The masterpiece of Kyoko Okazaki! Ririko is a supermodel at the height of her success, but her stunning body and the face that all the girls envy are the result of repeated cosmetic surgery...
The side effects and the strong competition put though to the test his mental balance...
A masterpiece that has won the Grand Prize of the Japan Media Arts Festival and the prestigious Osamu Tezuka, finally Kyoko Okazaki translated in Italy!

I want to Eat your Pancreas vol. 1 – 2 of 2
of Yoru Sumino, Idumi Kirihara
15 x 21, 216 pp., b/w, column, 12 Euro cad.
Haruki Shiga is a normal student: a little flashy, a little apathetic, introverted, and a lover of reading. One day happens upon the diary of Sakura Yamauchi, the girl is the most cheerful and positive of his class, but he discovers that she is suffering from a serious disease to the pancreas and that there is little to live...
So begins a strange relationship between two classmates in the diametrically opposite, who share the terrible secret of the girl...based on the bestseller of Yoru Sumino, the feature-length anime will be distributed in Italy by Dynit!

Children's Toy – Rossana Definitive Edition vol. 1 – 2 of 7
Miho Obana
15 x 21, 270 pp. approximately, b/w, column, Euro 12,90 cad.
Sana Kurata returns to have fun in a big edition exclusive! Format 15 x 21 with dust jacket, enhanced by colour plates, this new version of the 7 volumes is a must for all fans of the animated series, but also for those who approach this series of great success for the first time.

Source: Mega-255 – September 2018

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