Dynit, the new anime of January 2020


Published on Nov 14, 2019


City Hunter – The Private Eyes First Press
January 30, 2020, DVD € 19,99, Blu-ray Disc Eur 24,99
Extras: Booklet, video clips, trailers, interviews.

Ryo Saeba is a private investigator based in the headquarters to Shinjuku, Tokyo. In addition to being rather clever, and have a deadly aim to boot, has an obsession that is exaggerated to the opposite sex. He and his colleague Kaori often are the guards of the body, and perform other tasks for those who require their services.

Their latest customer is a fashion model, To the Shindo, which has been attacked by mysterious persons, and who unwittingly is in possession of a strange “key”, key to a conspiracy that involves the entire town. Will Ryo to protect and to save the city?

Star Blazers 2199 – The Complete Series
January 30, 2020, Episodes 1-26, 4 DVD's, € 39,99
Extras: Booklet, trailer.

Year 2199. The human race has been almost annihilated by the alien civilization from the planet Gamilas through the systematic bombardment of the surface with thermonuclear bombs highly radioactive.

The survivors were forced to take refuge in underground cities, but scientists estimate that they can continue to live up to another year, because the radioactivity penetrates more and more in depth. Also, the last fleet of earth is annihilated in the battle of Pluto.

The last hope for human beings is represented by a mysterious technology, donated by a distant planet, Iscandar. From that world the queen Starsha sends his sister in a desperate mission to deliver to the terrestrial projects to build a motor interstellar, the technology “wave driving”, and enable them to reach the planet that it is on the other side of the galaxy.

The marine spatial terrestrial he then decides to transform into armored space-the wreck of the battleship japanese Yamato, sunk by the americans at the end of the Second world war.

The young officers Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima's start with the all-powerful battleship space to Iscandar to retrieve the technology to save the Earth from the radioactivity.

But to accomplish their mission, they will have only a year of time and will have to cross and fight the huge empire of Gamilas.

Dynit, the new anime of January 2020 is




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