Dynit, outputs the souls of April 2020


Published on Feb 14, 2020


Available from the 29th of April 2020:

City Hunter – Private Eyes – Standard Edition
DVD, Euro 19,99 / Blu-ray Disc, Euro 24,99

Ryo Saeba is a private investigator based in the headquarters to Shinjuku, Tokyo. In addition to being rather clever, and have a deadly aim to boot, has an obsession that is exaggerated to the opposite sex. He and his colleague Kaori often are the guards of the body, and perform other tasks for those who require their services. Their latest customer is a fashion model, To the Shindo, which has been attacked by mysterious persons, and who unwittingly is in possession of a strange “key”, key to a conspiracy that involves the entire town. Will Ryo to protect and to save the city?

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba TV Animation Series Vol. 1
Episodes 1 – 13
3 DVDS, € 39,99 /3 Blu-ray Disc, € 49,99

It is the Taisho period, Tanjiro lives a modest life, but quiet among the mountains with his family. One day, when he returns from the sale of coal in the city, is the remains of her family massacred after the attack of a demon. Tanjiro rushes down the snow-covered mountain with the only survivor, his sister Nezuko, on the back. But on the road, Nezuko suddenly begins to growl, you are also her turning into a demon...

Extras: Booklet, trailer, symbol, commercial

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