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Published on Feb 15, 2019


Mirai – the novel
of Mamoru Hosoda
15 x 21, 192 pp., € 18,00

With the birth of baby Mirai, Kun is to share space and affection with the new girl.
Through meetings fantastic, your child will learn to accept the news.
An extraordinary story about childhood and the suffering, but also anger and jealousy.
From the last movie of Mamoru Hosoda, one of the most talented japanese directors of animation!

Underwater (Suiiki) vol. 2 of 2
Yuki Urushibara
16.5 x 24, B., 240 pp., b/n, € 17,90

In the heat of summer where the water reserves are put to the test, chinami's faints during a workout at school and wakes up on the banks of a river with crystal clear waters, near a village where they live only an elder and a child. This mysterious place, strangely familiar, will reveal little by little its secrets...

Gereksiz vol. 1
Minoru Furuya
16,5 x 24 cm., B., b/n, 176 pp., € 15,90

Tatsumi has almost forty years and when he sixteen is dedicated almost solely to prepare baumkuchen in the family bakery.
Its existence is upset by an unexpected Tatsumi for the first time in his life... he falls in love!
But the way that leads to love is full of obstacles and phenomena, supernatural, unexplained.

Children's Toy 7
Miho Obana
15 x 21, 270 pp., € 12

Sana Kurata returns to have fun in a big edition exclusive! Format 15 x 21 cm, with dust-jacket, enhanced by colour plates, this new version in seven volumes is a must for all fans of the animated series, but also for those who approach this story of great success for the first time.

Source: Manicomix

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