Dynit, outputs from the anime and manga of March 2019


Published on Mar 05, 2019


Cowboy Bebop – The Movie – Knockin’ On Heaven's Door
Blu-ray + DVD
€ 24,99
Mars, in 2071. The terrorists have made explode a truck spilling a virus, which has killed hundreds of people. For the capture of the instigator of the attack is offering a reward to the astronomical: the crew of bounty hunters on the spaceship Bebop are not only waiting!

My Hero Academia – Season 2 Box 1
Ep. 14-26 Limited Edition 3 Blu-ray
€ 49,99

My Hero Academia – Season 2 Box 1
Ep. 14-26 Limited Edition 3 DVD
€ 39,99

What it means to be a hero? Izuku Midoriya has clear ideas, to become a paladin of justice is his dream! When she finds out she was accepted to the prestigious “Hero Academy” is to the seventh heaven: in that school one of the teachers is the All Might, the legendary superhero. Will Izuku, although it has no “Uniqueness” (the equivalent of superpowers) to survive in a world where almost everyone own one!

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas – The Novel
of Yoru Sumino
15 x 21, B., 192 pp., b/n, € 18
Haruki Shiga is a normal student: a little flashy, a little apathetic, introverted, and a lover of reading. One day happens upon the diary of Sakura Yamauchi, the girl is the most cheerful and positive of his class, but... turns out that she is suffering from a serious disease to the pancreas and that there is little to live... so Begins a very strange relationship between two classmates in the antipodes.

Honey Bitter 6
Miho Obana
€ 8,00

Insufficient Direction
of Moyoco Year
16.5 x 24, B., 176 pp., b/n, € 16,90
What happens when the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion meets a mangaka talented as Moyoco Year? There's a spark! A work unique of its kind that shows the private lives of two extraordinary artists, a chronicle fictionalized their everyday life and which highlights, above all, the soul of the otaku of the director. Contains a rich array of depth and an afterword to the director.

Underwater 1
Yuki Urushibara
16.5 x 24, B., 240 pp., b/n, € 17,90
In the heat of summer where the water reserves are put to the test, chinami's faints during a workout at school and wakes up on the banks of a river with crystal clear waters, near a village where they live only an elder and a child. This mysterious place, strangely familiar, will reveal little by little its secrets...
A story mind-blowing, between dream and reality, characterized by the light and airy feel of Yuki Urushibara, author of the highly acclaimed Mushishi!

Fools Hate the Red
of Est Em
16.5 x 24, B., 200 pp., b/n, € 16,90
Rafita Alonso is a young and talented bullfighter. Mauro works in a slaughterhouse attached to an arena. Both of them are having to respond in some way to the death. Eros and Thanatos meet and attract an extraordinary story set in the controversial world of bullfighting. Seven stories, in an anthology that is representative of the production of BL, Est Em, an author from the stretch only, and refined, and translated for the first time in Italian.

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