Dynit, meetings and screenings in Lucca Comics and Games 2019


Published on Oct 18, 2019


Dynit announced the schedule of meetings, screenings and the latest preview of the Lucca Comics and Games 2019:

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Gadgets, merchandising, action figures, t-shirts of the anime series the most popular.

Screenings and discussions:

Wednesday, 30 October, 17:00
Auditorium San Girolamo
The Attack of the Giants – the Third Season – Ep.#13-14
Continue the experiments on Eren to recapture Wall Maria, but the death of the reverend Nick upsets the plans of the Body of Research. Someone wants to kidnap Eren and Historia, so the team must abandon the base and escape.

Thursday, 31 October, h.12:00
Auditorium San Girolamo
Dynit & Amazon Prime are: The Birthday Wonderland
The day before her birthday, Akane, who does not want to go to school, not having to comfort a friend, is sent by his mother to the store of School, a family friend, great traveler. During the visit, the arrival of a mysterious alchemist in full elegant of the catapult on an incredible journey into a mysterious parallel world.

Saturday, November 2, h.16:30
Auditorium San Girolamo
Meeting with Dynit
Carlo Cavazzoni and Asuka Ozumi (Dynit Manga) meet the public and present the novelties 2019/2020.

Friday 1 November, h.18:00
Auditorium San Girolamo
The Promised Neverland – Ep.#01-02
It is night at the orphanage of Grace Field and two shadows running towards the gates. Emma and Norman, friends, skin, they want to take the stuffed bunny to their friend Connie just adopted. It is not easy to say goodbye, leave an indelible memory of the year of the study, and games in the open air, under the loving gaze of “mom,” Isabella. It is night, Emma and Norman do not know, but what is there in the darkness of the world outside of the gates of Grace Field is ready to receive them!

Saturday, November 2, h.12:00
Auditorium San Girolamo
The bizarre adventures of Jojo – Wind Gold – Ep.#01
The anime version of the saga Wind Gold, the action moves in the Italy of the new millennium. Jotaro has sent Koichi Hirose in the mission, and its objective is to investigate on a mysterious boy by the name of Haruno. The young man seems to hide a past that is shocking and Jotaro wants to discover every little secret!

Sunday, November 3, h. 12.00
Central Cinema
The children of the sea – the national Preview in the original language with Italian subtitles
Is the blockbuster animation Studio 4°C, the anime taken from the manga of Daisuke Igarashi, who has been employed 5 years in the making, hundreds of animators, thousands of drawings.
After the preview at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, only the 2, 3 and 4 December, arrives in Italian theatres, distributed by Nexo Digital in collaboration with Dynit, the CHILDREN OF THE SEA, directed by Ayumu Watanabe (Uchuu Kyoudai - Brothers in the Space, After the Rain) and taken from the manga of Daisuke Igarashi.

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