Dynit, A Silent Voice (The Voice) and the other new anime of February 2018


Published on Dec 12, 2017


The Cat with the Boots
DVD € 12,99
This is a story that happened a long, long time ago... But a cat is very intelligent and brave. One day, for having saved some mice, is driven away from the world of cats. He took refuge in the portico of a house of a farmer, where he makes the acquaintance of a guy named Pierre. Pierre is the youngest of three brothers. After the death of his father, Pierre is thrown out of his home by his greedy brothers, who are reluctant to split the family fortune with him. However he decided then to join Pierre, thus beginning a journey full of many adventures!

The Attack Of the Giants – Season 2 vol. 3 Limited Edition
Ep. 9-12, combo Blu-Ray + DVD, € 29,99
For the past one hundred years, the high walls surrounding Shiganshina have defended the town from a danger that locals will refuse to even nominate. Those who want to explore the outside world is seen as a madman and watched with contempt. The young Eren, however, you feel like an animal in captivity and dreams of joining the corps of Research and find out the reality that surrounds him, although it takes place often that the teams sent to return decimated. A day dream about the attack of beings, gigantic and, even if awakening has removed all memories of what he has seen, there remains to him a strange feeling. And a little later it happens the unexpected: a huge Titan opens a breach in the protective walls. The fact will cause it to Eren as a shock unprecedented.

The Shape Of The Voice – Special Edition, First Press
Blu-ray, € 29,99 | 2 DVDS, € 24,99
After taking aim at a girl, a deaf, forcing her to move, Shoya is the victim of bullying and is ostracized by her classmates. Years later, he embarks on a journey towards redemption to make up for its by the girl that had tormented.

The Great Adventure Of Little Prince Valiant
Blu-Ray + Collector's Box, € 17,99 | DVD € 12,99
After the discovery of the legendary Sword of the Sun, the small Hols leaves his home and arrives in a country threatened by the terrible feng shui, Lord of the Ice, and the mortal enemy of men. Hols, overcoming the fear of the inhabitants, and agree to a fight and, armed with his courage, face the terrible creatures of feng shui. In one of his explorations Hols know Hilda, a sweet girl with a melodious voice, and carries it with her to the village where, thanks to his songs, it soon becomes loved by all. Hilda hides a terrible secret, decisive for the fate of the battle against Grunwald. When the village seems destined to defeat, it will be Hols, with the Sword of the Sun finally forged in the fire, to guide the population in the final fight for freedom.

Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki
Blu-Ray, € 17,99 | DVD € 12,99
In September 2013, Hayao Miyazaki suddenly announced his withdrawal from the world of cinema. Despite this decision, could not hold back her unstoppable desire to create, deciding to explore new forms of expression and new technologies. So it was that a director of the japanese TV NHK decided to document the approach of the master to the world of animation, this time with the support of the young animators of the CGI. The approach is gentle and intimate, this documentary portrays Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki at the age of 70 years, in an attempt to return to the limelight once again.

Tekkaman – The Knight Of Space
Ep. 1-26, 3 Blu-Ray, € 39,99
The life on Earth of the twenty-first century is in risk of extinction within three years due to the enormous rate of pollution. Is created the Centre for Development Space, a body which has the task of searching for a new habitable planet before the catastrophe to happen. But the ship engaged in the research, is attacked and destroyed by the aliens led by the terrible Waldaster. Professor Hammock, head of the project, he decides to counterattack, and thus entrusting to the George Minami, son of the captain of the ship destroyed, the robot Pegas, with which the young person becomes able to transform into a Tekkaman, a powerful knight of space. The spirit of revenge, of the bellicose George will animate his battle against the hordes of Waldaster, since his sent to Earth, Rambos.

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Source: Terminal Video Italia

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