Dynit, a new animated series complete in arrival


Published on Oct 14, 2019


The Unbeatable Daitarn 3 – Ultimate Edition
November 27, 2019, Episodes 1-40, 8 DVD, € 49,99

From the distant planet of Mars, a new and disturbing danger comes to threaten the earth. In the grand design of the supreme, Don Zauker, all human beings are destined to be turned into a opportunity to expand, nothing more than robots, obedient servants to his orders. But nothing appears in the mysterious Haran Banjo that, thanks to the immense power of the unbeatable robot, Daitarn 3, fights the opportunity to expand, and their desires of conquest in the name of humanity! Only fools do not fear the power of the Burning Sun! But the Commanders opportunity to expand they have at their disposal the enormous power of the Megaborg, a creature from combat, a hybrid between a cyborg and a robot. Will Haran Banjo, accompanied by the splendid Beauty Tachibana, from the charming Reika Sanjo, from the imperturbable Garrison, and from the pestiferous Toppy, to defeat the threat looming over the entire planet?

City Hunter – Season 2 Complete Series
30 October 2019, 9 DVD, € 29,99

his name is Ryo Saeba, but everyone knows him as the City Hunter, the best of all when it comes to defeat the crime or help those in difficulty. Never misses a shot with his Colt Python 357 but like all even he has a weak point, women! Nothing can hold him back from making a court brazen to all of its customers, but you can count on, when the game gets dangerous, no one is colder than City Hunter! Don't miss the irresistible adventures of the private detective the most famous in the history of cartoons.

Code Geass – Akito The Exiled Full Set
30 October 2019, 5 Blu-ray, € 39,99

Code Geass – Akito The Exiled Full Set
30 October 2019, 5 Blu-ray, € 29,99

The history of the place in the year 2017.t.b., between the first and the second series, when Japan begins to suffer strokes after the disappearance and presumed death of Zero, the alter ego of Lelouch at the head of the Black Knights. The plot takes place in the superpower of the Euro Universe, which, overwhelmed by the aggressive military campaign of the Holy Empire of Britannia, hoping to change the tide of the war, forming a special division known as wZERO, in which he ended a promising pilot of the Knightmare Frame, Akito Hyuga. Another character relevant Leila Malkal, a former aristocratic britanna votatasi to the cause of the E. U., which heads the group of rebels Wyvern, composed by young japanese. The Wyvern launch themselves recklessly on the field of battle, where the chances of survival are incredibly slim. They fight for their freedom and for a “home” to go back to.

Sword Art Online II – Complete Series
30 October 2019, 5 DVD + CD, € 69,99

Mobile Suit Gundam – The Complete Series
30 October 2019, 11 DVD, € 79,99

The year 0079 of the was universal so begins the saga of science fiction's most famous in Japan, with the first series revolutionized the concept of entertainment, by introducing a film-and concepts such as the horror of war. Amuro Rey, a young Side 7, finds himself in spite of himself, to defend the colony from the incursion of two giant robots (called the Series), the new weapon of the federation: the Gundam, a very powerful robot, with which to beat the opponents, not knowing how to manoeuver correctly. But this is only the beginning of the events that will see protagonist of the war of a year, that will bring the Federation and the Principality of Zion to a devastating clash fratricidal.

Ghost In The Shell – Arise – Series Complete
30 October 2019, 2 DVD € 14,99

Ghost In The Shell – Arise – Series Complete
30 October 2019, 2 Blu-ray Disc, Euro 19,99

We are in 2027, one year after the end of the fourth World War. The lieutenant colonel Mamuro was killed, probably during a robbery attempt. But Daisuke Aramaki, an official in the Public Security, it is absolutely certain that behind this crime is hiding something else. Aramaki assigns of the investigation, the young Motoko Kusanagi, major in second army as well as cyborg enhanced and skilful hacker. While Motoko tries to get by in this case that proves more intricate than expected, the there will be many characters that will compose the legendary Section 9.


Dynit, a new animated series complete arrival of




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