Dynit, a manga announced at Lucca Comics 2019


Published on Nov 02, 2019


Below are the new products announced by Asuka Ozumi, responsible for the online manga Dynit, during the conference, Lucca Comics and Games 2019:

Hokkyoku Hyakkaten no Concierge-san
of Tsuchika Nishimura
1 volume in-progress from the Big Comic Zoukan of Shogakukan.

Kafka, Classics in Comics
of Nishioka Kyoudai
Full Volume by Monkey Business of Village Books.

Legend – the definitive collection of Dokudami Tenement
of Fukatani Takashi
The single Volume, Seirinkogeisha.

Sarusuberi – Miss Hokusai
of Hinako Sugiura
Two volumes complete, Chikumashobo.

Zenryaku, Zenshin no Kimi
of Akane Torikai
Single Volume, from Maybe! of Shogakukan.

Saturn Return
of Akane Torikai
1 volume in course Big Comic Spirits by Shogakukan.

Crayon Shin-Chan The Best Selection
of Yoshito Usui

The Lover
Kan Takahama
Volume single color

Memories of a Boy of Respectable
of Moyoko Year
Two volumes complete series.

36° C
Yukiko Goto
A Single Volume

The Legend Dark
Daijiro Several
The single Volume.

Hot Road
of Taku Tsumugi
Two volumes complete set

I Wanted To Tell You Thanks
of Yukari Takinami
A single Volume

The Villa of the Water
Miho Obana
The special volume of The Toy of Children – Rossana.

Saiyuki Reload Blast 3
Kazuya Minekura
“You can only go forward, right?”
With this question, Kazuya Minekura resumed the adventures of Genjo Sanzo and Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku, escort and companions of the bonzo along the journey to the west. The mission to find a solution to the anomaly that has broken the balance of coexistence between men and demons in Togenkyo, pushes the group very to the west, up to a remote village which is accessed through a drawbridge. Here the inhabitants observe the rule of silence, hoping that in this way the demons do not localizzino their refuge.... but a woman, driven mad by the tragedy that has struck, it does not cease to sing... Elsewhere, there are still those who practice the ancient ritual of the funeral to the burial, the heavenly offering of a meal to the vultures the bodies of the dead.

Shonan Seven 16 – 17
Toru Fujisawa, Shinsuke Takahashi
We are in Japan, Shonan, the same neighborhood and the same school that have made famous the pair of thugs known as the OniBaku, in the registry of Onizuka and Danma.
The protagonist of this new series of Toru Fujisawa, designed by Shinsuke Takahashi, is the rissaiolo Ikki Kurokami, in turn, the younger brother of a legendary thug.
In love with the beautiful and wild idol Madoka, which is disputed by a childhood friend Cacky and is subject to the advances of a blonde exhibitionist all pepper, Ikki cultivates the ambition to enter into Seven, namely, in the gang of seven thugs stronger than Shonan. To realize his dream (and hold high the banner of the ran institute Tsujido), will have to confront with punches and kicks in a series of opponents without any qualms, including the gorillesco of the friend-enemy Gouriki (said Androscimmia Gori), the mysterious Haku Kamijou, Spike Brothers, and the incorrect Doumoto...

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