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Published on Apr 29, 2020


The annual event inevitable that with the Dylan Dog Magazine! Now in its sixth consecutive year, the magazine collects books of quality on the world (and the Altromondo) horror, accompanied by two cartoon stories of our inevitable Investigator of nightmares.

After the address books that dig to the bottom of the world in comic and video game-themed horror, we find a long discussion on the world of mockbusters and production houses that have made the crap-horror, a monument of the cinema colossal, such as The Asylum, Troma and others. Between the two stories leaves space to the life and work of the spouses, Ed and Lorrain Warren, by analyzing the cases that has made it more famous and to which the director James Wan, the inspiration for the film series, The Conjuring, and for the production of the three Annabelle.

But now we come to the two stories contained within the magazine. First, however, Sergio Bonelli Editore, he is keen to point out that:

"No. 401, to hold the counter are a handful of stories that in part transformed, in part, re-invent, the first years of activity of the Old Boy. A new beginning, which redefines the origins of the character as we can see by reading the two stories of this “Magazine”. Bloch is a police inspector novice, who must discover what links a group of victims seemingly without anything in common. The purpose, form a team of investigation of which it is a part of a young cadet named Dylan Dog... "

We find ourselves catapulted in the side-universe of Dylan, created on the regular series by Roberto Recchioni. From the first tables, we see immediately a Bloch cool inspector by the hair, still dense, Dylan boy who is still a cadet in the police academy (still omnivorous and not yet an alcoholic) and the adoptive son of Bloch. The two stories focus more on the relationship father – stepson and how it came to be.

“The cadet” marks the first appearance of the stainless Paola Barbato on the Magazine and his signature, you will note a lot. Barbato brings the younger Dog in the middle of a series of murders, all related from the dolls of the line Sweet Little Doll found on the places of the crimes.

The pen “yellow” of Barbato is one of those more pragmatically horrific of all the authors who have written on the pages of the series. Walking on the wire that connects reality, the paranormal and madness, the screenwriter starts a narrative that leaves a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the player at the end of the reading. The story is so satisfactory that you want to read it again and surprise step by step to the revelation of each clue.

She “brings to life” Virgil, the biological child of Bloch (born from the author herself in no.200), giving so much space to him and to the conflictual relationship with his father: the boy has a bad performance in school and not hardly ever see Bloch, always busy day and night in the chase of the crime. While Dylan meets with the approval of his adoptive father, He slowly loses himself...

With the designs of Giulio Camagni you makes a splash in the comic black-and-white vintage: the designer does not skimp with the details in the first few floors, full of contrasts, while it leaves less defined faces and details in the second floor.Before moving on to the second story, open your account on Spotify or turn on the stereo or, better yet, your player, vinyl records, and plays back the immortal The Dark Side of The Moon Pink Floyd at full volume. Behold, now you are ready to immerse yourself in the reading of “The two fathers”. Take the hand of the mysterious figure, so similar to Alan Moore, and follow Dylan on a journey diethylamide between the magical drawings of Paolo Bacilieri.

Alberto Ostini, tells the story of the moment in which Dylan was a guy by the rebellious spirit that lived in an orphanage. His entrance into the shop Undead Records and the meeting with its strange owner the will change the day, so to make a very dangerous journey in an intersection of dimensions, encountering his enemy number 1, but also the hand of his savior. All driven by the notes of psychedelic group the british Waters & associates.

If you've ever wondered who was the new Dylan when he was younger, then Dylan Dog Magazine 2020 should not miss to your collection: a book to read, reread and marvel again at each read, rediscovering the love of a father towards his children, and the consequences when this is not enough.

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