Dylan Dog Color Fest 33 – Crimes and Punishments | Review


Published on May 10, 2020


When Roberto Recchioni took over the management of all the publications related to Dylan Dog Color Fest has become to all intents and purposes the symbol of the experimentation is more extreme on the investigator of the Nightmare. And the experiments continue on the Color Fest 33, made by Gigi Simeoni, Davide Furnò.

The story opens in a classical way, with a woman who travels to Craven Road to ask Dylan Dog advice. The question, it will bind to the suicide of her husband Settsway. The response to a series of dead mysterious will to look for in a camera.

The narrative pace of the screenplay of Simeoni is strongly linked to a solution, special graphics, and a succession of vignettes, which is unusual on Dylan Dog. The cage starting in Crimes and Punishments is completely changed, to leave space for plates in the style of the comics american, which pay homage to Dave Mckean.

The rest of the Dylan Dog Color Fest is the tested experimental dedicated to the Investigator of the Nightmare, but in this album, at least at the level of plot, turns out to be quite classical, and fit the standards of the character. Indeed, one could venture to say that Crimes and Punishments is a story Sclaviana, in the purest sense.

This is because the mechanism at the basis of the stories of Tiziano Sclavi, who manages to combine mystery, the supernatural (apparent or true) and drama, it is not easy to handle, but at the same time, if well-dosed, is able to create the perfect blend.

And Gigi Simeoni at the narrative level has created an excellent summary of the investigation, the mystery and the drama (especially the ending) that showcases the best of Dylan Dog.

Often in the books of the regular series, a bit’ of time in this part, we have seen plots that tried to take a route purely based on the structure of the post-modern and permeated with refined references, or able to put the only drama at the center, or the mystery.

It was from the time that you read a story of Dylan Dog, with all these classic elements and deep, which are the basis of the character. And it is a pleasant surprise to find this on the Color Fest, where usually you can expect a sort of experimentalism total.

The solutions narrative classics but deep Gigi Simeoni, united to the drawings in the “experimental” and effective, Davide Furnò bind well in Crimes and Punishments, by offering readers a unique story that flows with the rhythm for all of the 96 pages.

The solution of this Color Fest composed by a unique history in fact, it works and enhances greatly the register. The first comics of this magazine tended to group together many small stories, offering to the times of the narratives interesting, but too much tablets, or fillers.

This new Color Fest is exactly halfway between the head Old Boy (that presents situations from the classic "Dylan Dog" pre-management Recchioni), and the typical Color Fest experimental. The end result scontenterà fans.

Whether readers are looking for something new, and anyone who wants a nice story at the center with the Investigator of the Nightmare, he will not be at all disappointed. In short, Crimes and Punishments is a book that is worth the purchase.

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