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Published on Aug 11, 2018


Finally Creepy Past has a center, and the merit is also of Dylan Dog.

After a debut that is not entirely convincing (here our review), the new horror series young of Sergio Bonelli Editore was the star of a team-up with the Investigator of Nightmare, a character who is able to squirt to the stars the caution against any other character added to the figure (note that in the last year, these days, Dylan Dog is the protagonist of a double register with a Dampyr, a great success).

So the Dylan Dog Color Fest of the summer was the opportunity to accompany the investigator of nightmares and the protagonists of Creepy Past, with all the creative team of the series is transported on a book dedicated to the tenant of Craven Road. And the experiment is more than successful.

Three of them were the stories that they have seen "Dylan Dog" and the characters of the Creepy Past put side by side in stories in which the investigator of nightmares has never quite cross with the boys of the foundation of the Rem, but it was the protagonist of the events related.

The first story, titled The Man without a Face, seen as the absolute protagonist Slanderman, the monster that has a role of first plan in the series Creepy Past. Dylan Dog within this story is the protagonist of a long flashback in which his destiny crosses with that of a young girl called Tamara, and with the same Slanderman.

The second story is the one with the most emotional impact, and that it is probably closer to the canons of narrative of Dylan Dog: the investigator of nightmares, he lives yet another love story with a girl named Daya. The key element of the story will be the padlock of the love that will bind the relationship as experienced by Dylan and his other half with what he is living is the Norm, one of the girls of the foundation of the Rem, which has been just left by her boyfriend with whom he shared a padlock of love, and that seems to have mysteriously disappeared.

The last story is titled The Voices Inside, and follows the path of Jade, a guy sfiguratosi after receiving a call from some of the entries, which seem to require it to commit any of these horrible murders. To try to save the boy, and the future victims from this tragedy there will be in your Dylan Dog.

Bruno Enna and John Gregory alternate with the scripts of these three stories, which succeed very well in combining the narrative features the main of the comics of Dylan Dog, and Creepy Past. Horror, psychological, reflective, and dramatic of the Investigator of the Nightmare fits well with the atmosphere more horror young which characterizes the new head of the SBE. What was missing in the first issue of Creepy Past, or the atmosphere, and horror stories are capable of giving taste to the readers fans of the genre, here are well-focused, and have the support of a character like Dylan Dog horror it chews a lot.

The drawings of Giovanni Rigano, Alberto Zanon and Federico Nardo respect the canon cartoonish and light to Creepy Past. The stroke used by three of the artists it is lightweight, but with careful attention to details, while the expressions of the characters are delicious. In addition, the second story of The Voices is characterized by a narrative more dramatic, which stimulated the artists, especially in the pages starring Dylan Dog, and Daya, to create a style that mixes the cartoonish and the realistic, the perfect synthesis between the dylandoghiano, and Creepy Past.

The colors of Matteo Vattani, Andres Mossa and Dario Calabria does not have any imperfections, and follow the basic characteristics of the Creepy Past: bright colors, attention to the nuances and details, and a lightweight chrome-plating base, which tends to emphasize the dark atmosphere, as is fitting in a comic book that has horror as the main genre.

In short, this mash-up between Dylan Dog and the Creepy Past is perfectly managed, and it is hoped that the issues of Creepy Past follow the line dictated by this register to increase the narrative quality of his series, that of potential it really has many. With regard to the Investigator of the Nightmare instead, once again becomes the protagonist of a team-up in which acts as a great shoulder, and, when needed, by excellent protagonist.

Judas dancer... this is a great comic!

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