Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi: Johnny Freak

Published on Jul 03, 2017

Dylan Dog Johnny Freak, a story that aims straight to the heart to become immortal

There are those stories that represent a fundamental point of a character, that soul, that comes from the page and turns into a pure emotion that takes the reader to the heart and stops there, does not abandon him more. In my relationship with Dylan Dog this story was Johnny Freak. I remember that I had read this story for the first time in twelve years, under the umbrella, and fortunately, behind the sunglasses, because at that age you have a certain reluctance to admit that the cry for a comic, then, who knows friends who don't read comics, as you take around.

But no one cries, only twelve years, he is also on the threshold of forty. Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi is not a journey in the past, but the demonstration that a history, or rather, a Story can remain unchanged in time, with all its emotional load, that growing up, and maturing can only increase.

It is impossible not to love this story, because every aspect speaks directly to the heart of the reader. In Johnny Freak I have ever seen one of Dylan Dog is the most human and real of the entire series; his good heart alternates moments in which his desire to punish those who have injured a creature, white as Johnny threatened to make him lose control, to be so furious not to be able to understand even Johnny, who sees him as a friend, if not as family.

The first part is a discovery of a new reality, perceived through the relationship was not easy and that you create between Dylan and Johnny. Sclavi manages to show all the good will of Dyd and the difficulties of being in relationship with this poor creature, but manages to give a moment light and sweet in showing the evolution of a true dialogue between the two, music and drawings, helped by the tables that are pure art and emotional. Andrea Venturi in this he was masterful, he created snapshots that are a scream in the heart of the reader, where your words will not be read; the escape from the flames lived with the expressions of the poor Johnny are amazing, and extreme in their intensity. But in depicting Johnny and Dylan together, if you pass, creates a unique visual language, able to convey a range of emotions ranging from the penalty to hatred, affection, anger, or puts in drawing the human soul as few are able to do.

We, the readers, we are already involved at this point, but we still don't know what the subject of Marcheselli transformed in history by Sclavi will hurt. Why Johnny Freak hurts you, you know.

Multiple times talking about Johnny Freak, I said that it was my loss of innocence comic. Throughout this album you will be put in front of the hardness and wickedness of which can be capable to the man; Dylan wants to protect this little friend at any cost, but he also showed his weaknesses of man. In one of the most beautiful scenes of this album is so angry that uses Johnny as an offense, and to be serious, and the human is the last person you would expect to find: Groucho. That his warning (Careful-in-chief: you're about to say something you will regret) is just the first of a series of moments in which emerges a soul that is sensitive and surprising, but this is the power of Johnny, a being that has the appearance of a freak, but the aura of an angel, capable of bringing out the best side of who can understand his soul.

The Venturi must really believe that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, seen how to use them in a Johnny Freak. The characters expressions are a power disarming, especially those of Johnny and Dylan, who seem to at some point live in a world of their own. You ride in Johnny Freak, but more often than smiles, those smiles that are born in front of a scene of tenderness, which are often accompanied by a tear. Roberto Recchioni in his introduction argues that Sclavi himself rewrote the ending through tears, deeply moved by all of this incredible pathos; not hard to believe, but I believe that this emotion has given life to one of the most beautiful final not only to Dylan, but a comic book.

You could say that the ending is unfair, ruthless. Years ago I hated Sclavi to this end, I have to confess, I felt a monster, but over time I was able to see how Titian has turned Johnny into the best that humanity has to offer, has made him beautiful, in his last gesture of pure love. Be careful in reading the last plates, as the paper of a comic strip is wet it becomes fragile, almost as much as the Dylan that we see in these last pages, distruttto and desperate. The Venturi makes it almost movie-like this sequence, with shots like the details on exhausting, expressions, lives, and heart-rending.

If I think back to Johnny Freak I think of Dylan crying in the arms of Bloch, in that ‘don't be afraid...a friend, and a creature ill-fated that has been able to affect with his smile crooked and his eyes innocent fantasy characters and real people.

Today, while re-reading Johnny Freak, my wife is gone from the desk, and I was set for a second, and then wonder how the same crying. I said that I was crying because I had found an old friend, before passing them on to the register, her comic book has never had the passion. It is re-reading even now, but he must have something in their eye... is crying for her as well...

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