Dylan Dog/Batman: the first pages of the crossover


Published on Dec 13, 2019


Missing very little to the output of the Dylan Dog comics/Batman, the first step of a great crossover signed by Sergio Bonelli Editore and RW Lion!

Outbound on the 14th of December, the album features four complete stories: the number 0 of the mini-series Dylan Dog/Batman, the remake of the first adventure of Dylan Dog, the first appearance of the arch-nemesis of the Bat Man, the Joker, and one of the stories of Batman's most beloved of all time!

These are the details of the register:

Dangerous Relations
Texts: Roberto Recchioni
Drawings: Werther Dell'edera and Gigi Cavenago
Colors: Gigi Cavenago

The Joker
Texts: Bill Finger
Drawings: Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson

The new dawn of the dead
Texts: Roberto Recchioni, from an original idea by Tiziano Sclavi
Drawings: Emiliano Mammucari
Colors: Annalisa Leoni

The revenge in the five points of the Joker!
Texts: Dennis O'neil
Drawings: Neal Adams

These, however, some of the boards from the register published on the official website Bonelli:


The register, as repeatedly communicated, it will be a good starting point to prepare for the epic crossover that, as we have indicated in the outputs, Sergio Bonelli, will arrive in February.

Dylan Dog/Batman: the first pages of the crossover is




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