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Published on Dec 14, 2019


Sergio Bonelli Editore presented in the newsstand, in record time after the preview, lucchese went to steal the #0 of the crossover Dylan Dog/Batman – which will see the light in complete form in the year 2020 – proposed for the occasion in a register extended with the other three stories are complete.

In the above #0, titled Dangerous liaisons, the worlds so distant of the SBE and DC meet in the form of an invitation between Xabaras and the Joker. We find out that Joker has been visited years before by the self-styled doctor for a consultation about her scars, physical and mental, while Dylan, Groucho, and Sybil manage to escape from the trap concocted to Undead just by Xabaras in the historic first meeting between Dylan and his nemesis.

A the beginning of the lightning, a blow opening in which Roberto Recchioni demonstrates a great skill in channelling the nature of images of the meeting as well as the more “fun” by making us rediscover the pleasure of reading a meeting cannot be between two of the most beloved characters of the Ninth Art without renouncing to mention the great masters by Alan Moore (writer) Tiziano Sclavi passing for Tim Burton.

Great pencils by Werther Dell'edera and Gigi Cavenago which provided a sharp and very atmospheric, this prologue letting us mouth-watering for its continuation.

The second story is a piece of the Golden Age or the first encounter between Batman and the Joker took place in the pages of Batman #1 dated April 1940!

The Joker the villain makes his macabre debut in the Gotham with a series of robberies that leave their victims dead in a grimace of horror that is reminiscent of a grin. Batman is not without difficulty and, thanks to its cunning and superior physical ability will succeed in stopping the Clown Prince of Crime by saving Robin and handing it to justice.

The debut of the Joker is brutal and macabre confirming the input in the pop culture of one of the villain more inconici and imitated.

The screenplay by Bob Kane and Bill Finger it is very pulp, but the applause more large should be made to the drawings truly effective Jerry Robinson, creator in the chart of the Joker.

In the history of the opening we had seen Dylan, Groucho and Sibyl to escape from Xabaras in a daring, thanks to an unlikely case for clarinet explosive.

As Dylan is joined the possession is narrated, in fact rinarrato, in the remake of Dylan Dog 1 – dawn of The Dead by Roberto Recchioni and Emiliano Mammucari it The New Dawn of the Dead had already appeared in Dylan Dog Color Fest 18 and then in the series newsstand The Colors of Fear.

That seminal page of the Italian comic, and the world is restarted again in an ironic way from the new point of view of the housing without renouncing nor to the component of horror, nor to the drawings that become sexy and charming.

Closes the register one of the versions of the most beautiful in absolute Batman the Bronze Age of the ’70s as well as drafted by Denny O'neil and Neal Adams with the story Revenge on the Five Points of the Joker! dated September, 1973.

The Joker returns to Gotham City seeding the bodies of his ex-henchmen guilty of having betrayed him. Batman is put on his trail by surviving a trap that involves... a shark!

The lyrics of O'neil are abrasive and are based to a certain literature of crime, while the pencils of Adams are dark, expressive, but especially muscle, enhancing the plasticity and the expressions of the two protagonists.

When was the last time you had fun in the take in hand a comic book and/or read it?

Is certainly this the key to the reading, put aside the logic purely commercial, of the meeting between the SBE and DC in the form of the encounter between Dylan Dog and Batman.

The creative team of this #0 the knows well, and handles superbly channeling even if for a few pages as well the best of both worlds!

There is an additional search for meaning in a story, or rather a series of stories, whose ultimate purpose is to entertain, to entertain in a coherent way and respecting of course the peculiarities of the individual actors involved.

This is what you can find, the criticism would be shallow and sterile the operation even before the story itself.

The effort of the editorial and the care taken in the field by the SBE is commendable. This mini-anthology, albeit with choices that are not easy, especially in the endless production batmaniana opt for stories which capture to perfection the relationship between Batman and the Joker as well as the one between Dylan and his nemesis in an ideal short circuit.

Those choices for Batman are not stories, “easy”, because it definitely dated but aged well, and the net of the great classics and stories more modern, but perhaps too tied to the continuity have been the best possible choice.

Dry but esaurientissimo the rich apparatus of the drafting. To report some choice of translation, a bit woody, it would have been necessary to maybe revise it to “svecchiarle” a little bit.

Buy Dylan Dog/Batman in anticipation of the crossover, and have fun!

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