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Published on Feb 28, 2020


After the conclusion of the cycle of meteora Dylan Dog is reborn in a new world, a parallel universe adjacent to and distant from what we know. And the hand of the curator Roberto Recchioni about the Investigator of the nightmare now you see it, and how.

He said the rest the same Recchioni that, after the conclusion of the cycle of meteora, his Dylan Dog would emerge, and would become more a creature of his own, that the fruit of the production of Tiziano Sclavi.

The Dylan Dog, which we can read in The Red Sunset, the register 402 of the regular series, is indeed a character that takes you back to the narrative mechanisms in the pure style of the Recchioni, already seen in the comics such as John Doe, and David Murphy.

The Dylan Dog of this new phase is based on a structure almost entirely the post-modern: this story is based, in part, on the Dawn of the Dead, the first comic of the regular series, and then at the same time, a review of the Death of Love, a novel by Tiziano Sclavi, with a protagonist that is considered to be the base prototype of the Investigator of the Nightmare.

In The Red sunset, Dylan meets his first customer, Sybil Browning, with which he will return in the old city of the Undead, where for a time he made by the guardian of the cemetery. In this situation you will be confronted with Xabaras, the still point of a duel that stretches beyond the doors of Time and universes.

The games citazionisti in this album are an integral part of the narrative, while in the past, were often used to offer you fun winks to fans. And in knowing how to play with postmodernism Recchioni is one of the best authors in the panorama of Italian comics.

His way of describing and to see the Dylan Dog version of Francesco Dellamorte is intriguing, and meets all those who have worshiped the book of Sclavi, but above all the film starring Rupert Everett who, today, is considered to be the closest thing to a transposition on the screen of Dylan Dog (with good peace of the hollywood movie that bears the name of the character but nothing more).

This new Dylan plays a lot with himself and with his real identity, it seems very similar to the character that we know, but demonstrates the nuances of the variants that make it almost a Dylan Dog the “Upside-down” (just to mention the series Stranger Things, which is also mentioned in the book).

Surely the work of Recchioni to the script is embellished by the drawings of Corrado Roi and Francesco Dossena. Especially the latter rises once again on the shields and offers of the plates sensational.

Roi is a master at playing with the chiaroscuro, to create ethereal atmospheres, and in giving a dimension that is so vivid to the characters by making them seem truly of flesh and bones, rather than the result of a reproduction on paper.

The contribution of Dossena instead, we can give a glimpse at the graphical style of the next album, that seems to be very similar and respectful of the drawing stroke of Angelo Stano.

And also the next issue of the regular series will continue to dig into the narrative of the first episodes of Dylan Dog, continuing an operation of an homage and reinvention of the character that really seems to be intriguing.

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