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Published on Nov 13, 2019


Weddings, you know, are great events that bring together hundreds of people to celebrate. For the wedding of Dylan Dog Sergio Bonelli Editore is not wanted to be outdone and brought together as many people as possible inside (and outside) of the number 399, “oggi sposi”.

Guided by the beats, and from the descriptions of Roberto Recchioni, they painted with great detail of the designers Corrado Roi, Marco Nizzoli, Luca Casalanguida, Nicola Mari, Sergio Gerasi and the first designer ever Angelo Stano.

The first pages have been entrusted to Roi, with a Dylan that is still recovering from a sleepless night, reflects on the great work that soon will be death. The reality where it lives, inside of which have been very few people, is becoming the cosplayer's a nightmare.

In the meantime, Nizzoli, Casalanguida, the Seas and the Gerasi show us the preparations for the marriage of Dylan with a girl, Alice, known as him,, Carpenter, Rania and Bloch seeks to stop a revolt led by the nazi-vampires.

But the Meteor is coming, and the plan of John Ghost must be fulfilled: to marry Dylan Dog with a person who loves. Like a big puzzle, its pieces fit together perfectly and slowly finishing the puzzle of life on this Earth. The closure of the register, which leaves all of you with the breath suspended in view of the number 400, is entrusted to the hands of Angelo Stano, that brings a shine to the “comet” between the pages ink-stained.

Great job of metafumetto, “just Married” to play with all the characters: John the Ghost is Dylan for exactly what it is, or the character of a series of stories that for 33 years and comes out every month on the newsstand. And as such, a victim of archetypes, cages, narrative, and obliged to make the journey of the hero. This time, however, is not a writer to show him the way, but a writer disguised as a character, an author too inside to be able to see the story slide without putting hand.

From the graphical point of view, the album is a masterpiece of pout-pourri. We can give you the absolutely negative reviews, since there are authors for all tastes: from classic and timeless, and They, through a “brividoso” Roi, arriving in the dark Seas, without forget the realistic Gerasi and a dry Nizzoli, afficancati from the cleaning of Casalanguida. No shortage of citations in the great works, like the Batman of Frank Miller.

In short, the old and the new artists of china that pay homage to the marriage of Dylan with their contributions, including among the guests, many comic book characters the most famous. You can recognize them and find them all? We so far we have recognised thirty-one!

And now let's talk about the cover of Cavenago: this time, his art shines with white light, as pure as the heart of the investigator of the nightmare, and the love he feels for... Groucho?! The cover itself is a spoiler of what we'll find inside, but it is not the cover that you have to judge the book. Cavenago knows it, and precisely for this port in the first page the highlight of a wedding.

Sergio Bonelli Editore, in addition, he wanted to make his readers partake of this feast, producing a wedding box of wood, inside of which are present with this number (in three variants: the classical variant white variant and the black), the number 121, the wedding invitations, the wedding ring and the soap bubbles. Perfect the best way to celebrate the event that is going to change the world (and I'm not talking of the meteor).

Viva the newlyweds!

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